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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Really sweaty Hetty

Phew wot a scorcher Monday was!! That never usually happens when I'm off work.
Like a good girl I didn't slack on the exercise and got up at 7am to put the rubbish out. There are no modern wheelie bins here and you have to leave your bin bags by the road a 1/4 mile away by 7:30am. You can't leave them overnight or else animals will rip them up. So now I've decided to make it an exercise opportunity and do shuttle runs carrying the bags with my motivational playlist on (is anyone else incapable of saying "motivational" without using an American accent and punching the air?)
Katy Perry - Firework
Jet - Are you gonna be my girl
Darwin Deez - Up in the clouds
Jamiroquai- White Knuckle Ride
Angels and Airwaves - everything's magic

I went to PT at 10am and told Jon I want to up my training to 6 days out of 7. He's going to do a program splitting the sessions into different body parts. Two sessions with him Monday & Friday, two on my own at my work gym on Tues & Thurs and bootcamp Wed & Sat. I know my Mum will read that and worry about me overdoing it. But I just want to try really hard and see what my body can do. If it's too much I'll cut back, honest Mum.

After PT I jogged 3miles to meet Matt for lunch. Well, I ran on the flats and downhills but it was so humid and hot I had to walk uphill. Nice views though, through the sweat spray.

I had a semi-healthy Cajun chicken salad at the pub sitting outside so as not to offend the other diners. Matt had bought me a skirt from an outdoor shop which he thought was a size 14 but actually was a 10. I thought he was being optimistic with a 14 but the size 10 waistband was about the size of my thigh so I headed back to swap it. I've never driven the Caterham on such a hot day. There is a pipe that pumps air from the engine into the footwell. This is lovely and cozy on a cool morning however on a hot day I discovered it literally cooks my shins. When I got out at the shop my legs were bright red with heat rash. So I came up with a solution....

Hmmmmm sexy shin pads!!! NOT!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Monstrous day of exercise

I took Friday off work and woke up to glorious sunshine which made getting on the bike to PT at 7am more bearable. I found myself getting out of the saddle on the big long climb and giggled out loud thinking "who IS this woman?!). Six months ago when I cycled to my first ever training session I had to stop twice on that hill and was completely pooped at the top.

After a good workout of deadlifts, pushups and chinups I cycled home and had a quick change to get ready for a walk with Matt. With three weeks to go until our challenge walk it's possibly a bit late to start training but never mind! As usual I fannied around for too long packing my rucksack and ended up having to run down the hill to catch the bus in time. Not the ideal start to a long walk with legs already stiff from training.

The pic above is walking through Bakewell at the start before heading up the hill out of town. Note that Matt is already employing his usual technique of walking 2 metres ahead of me! Mind you, I don't mind the view, phnar! ;). And to be fair he walked alongside me for most of the walk and I really enjoyed being out exercising together. I'm really hoping he will get back into weight lifting too so we can have that as a shared interest and help each other out.

There were a few climbs on the route and I felt really good on them. Here's a pic climbing up from Monsal Dale....

and some furry friends who came over to say hello as we walked past...

After five hours we made it back to our local pub at 4pm. I was starving having only eaten about 400cals all day. The plan was to have a quick drink and then walk the final mile back home for dinner........ know what happens next.......

..........FIVE hours later and with at least six drinks on an empty stomach it was absolute carnage. We had bumped into a friend from work who was camping nearby and there was also a rugby club on tour staying at the pub so we got swept up in the party atmosphere. I vaguely remember running home in the rain and Dr. Matt administering an emergency cheese toastie before sending me to bed.

Somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and cycle to bootcamp. The miracle of exercise worked once again and I now feel fine, but I can't remember the last time I felt so hungry! I've had a wholewheat toasted pitta filled with cheese, some crisps and a bacon sandwich and it's barely registered. We're having massive steaks for tea which should help fill the gap. Not exactly a great day food-wise but after that much exercise I should get away with it.

Tomorrow I'm doing a big sort through all my clothes. I have loads in the loft that I've never worn because they were bought "to shrink into". It will be fun to see if any fit now. At the same time I want to start getting rid of stuff that is too big. I'll take some progress pics and dig out some more hideous 'before' photos too as I'm not being weighed for a while. I know when I started reading weight-loss blog I loved seeing how much people lost each week and imagining how I would feel if i did the same. Until my next weigh-in here are some other unexpected changes I've noticed:

- I've had to adjust my car drivers seat because less back fat means I'm further away from the wheel. How mad is that? (and how revolting that I had backboobs THAT big!)

- I've had to let air out of my mountain bike rear suspension shock because I'm not as heavy

- my pants had mysteriously started going up my bum whilst walking or working out in the last few weeks. It took me a while to figure out that it's because they're too big. Hurray! Now I can go buy some prettier undies that are small enough not to be visible from outer space!

Hope you are having a great weekend too. Apparently it might be hot and sunny tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Learning curve

I've been reading up about training methods, nutrition etc. on t'internet and really struggling to put my ipad away at the end of the night as it's all so fascinating.  There is loads of great info and transformation stories on  Although I wouldn't want to get that ripped or get into contests etc. it's good to learn more about the basics of using weights and eating to fuel exercise properly.

On the eating front I'm trying to eat more regularly throughout the day, rather than 3 meals with a big gap and energy crash inbetween.  So I'm taking a box of fruit, pecans, yoghurt and veg to graze on at work.  At lunch I buy a tuna and cottage cheese salad, eat half of it midday and the rest around 4pm before I leave work. That seems to stop me being ravenous and grabbing whatever I see first when I get home! I ate again at 7pm last night but a smaller meal than my usual dinners - chicken breast, asparagus and grilled sweet potato slices with coriander and chilli.  Yum!  I feel like I'm eating too much because I'm never hungry but actually the calories add up to the same as 3 bigger meals.

Yesterday I learnt that a chin-up and a pull-up are not the same thing.  It's chin-ups that I've been trying to conquer (with palms facing you).  Pull-ups sound much harder with palms facing away so I've added that as another goal for the future. 

My goal of doing the White Peak Walk is approaching and I really haven't done much training at all.  I just haven't been able to face doing 15-20mile walks on top of the PT and bootcamp.  And my longest walk of 12miles ended badly with the hip pain.  So I guess I'll just have to give it a go and see how far I get.  I think my body might be more suited to strength and shorter distance goals rather than endurance.  I definitely look more like a shotputter than a marathon runner right now!!

I've been looking online for some pictures of women with inspiring figures so I can put some up on the fridge as a reminder of what I'm trying to achieve (and that having that extra glass of wine really isn't worth it!).  I'd like to look athletic and be able to see muscle definition.  I'm trying to find people with similar height, body type etc. so it's realistic.  But I'm not sure I really know what my body type is like underneath or what I really look like.  I'll ask Jon for advice on that one.  Maybe if I look at a picture of myself alongside others I can figure it out. 
I'm not sure what the rules are about posting pictures from the internet that don't belong to you?  I'll try to find out so I can put them on here as a goal too.  If anyone knows please tell me!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Hetty 1 Scales 0

Today I decided not to step on the scales but instead wait for another two weeks when I also get fat caliper and tape measurements done. There were a few reasons for this. Last Monday after a really good week the scales showed a gain which really took the wind out of my sails and put me in a bad mood. I nearly cried which is totally ridiculous as it's only one measure for God's sake! Plus I'm lifting heavy weights in this 4 week stage so there's a chance my weight loss will slow down a bit. I don't want the scales to put me off trying my hardest and achieving my goals. So I'll be patient and wait another fortnight. At least if my weight hasn't changed by then hopefully my measurements will have shrunk.

I managed 4 sets of conventional deadlifts with 90kg at this mornings session. That's more than my bodyweight now, hooray! Now I just need to work up to adding that extra 10kg to lift the fat me from Xmas Eve and put her to rest forever. I managed to get my head all the way above the bar on a pull up. But it doesn't count as a proper one as I pushed off with my feet. But hey, baby steps right?!

Friday, 17 June 2011

D'you want the good news or the bad news?

Starting with the bad.....
I had fish and chips on Monday night. Oops. I had a work deadline on Tuesday and just couldn't be arsed to cook. On Tuesday I worked until 7:30pm but didn't eat too badly, erm... But I might have had some wine after finally finishing all the work.
And then I missed bootcamp on Wednesday night because I got stuck at work late. Although it is the first one I've missed since it started so not too bad I guess.
No idea what the scales will do on Monday as a result of this naughtiness.

But the good news is I'm progressing well towards this months fitness goals. I feel a bit stronger with the pull-up training. Still can't do a full one but am a little bit closer. My pushups are loads better as I can finally get my nose and chest all the way down to the floor. I've increased my deadlifts from 50kg to 80kg so on target to achieving 100kg in another 2 weeks. I realised 100kg is 220lbs and that was how much I weighed when I started this. It will be fantastic to be fit enough to lift the fat old me. Considering I'd never done anything with a barbell until two weeks ago I'm chuffed I haven't snapped my back in two! I tried the sumo technique instead of conventional yesterday but didn't like the shorter range of movement so will stick with the narrow stance.

I'm brand new to this lifting weights lark and there is so much to learn but that's part of the fun. It's really inspiring reading blogs and seeing people's progress pictures too.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Foam rolling

Foam rolling YouTube vid

I've been trying to massage a really painful spot near my shoulder blade and found the deep shoulder blade move in this vid really good. Nothing to do with the presenter being easy on the eye, promise. ;)

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Frigging scales again

Last week I did two personal training sessions, two bike rides, a run and two bootcamp sessions. I ate well and avoided wine 6 days out of 7. I was actually looking forward to being weighed this morning and what did I get from the scales for all that effort? 0.4kg gain. B*stards!
I'm not letting them win though. I'll just try twice as hard this week and reclaim two weeks worth of reward in one go, thank you very much!

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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Run in the sun and a new friend Derek the Donkey

My mate T came over for a run v early this morning and it was great fun, plus an excellent hangover cure. Also genius as we got out whilst the trail was quiet and before the rain came.
I fell in love with Derek the Donkey who lives a couple of fields away from me. I didn't realise their ears were so hairy (he probably thought the same about my legs!!).

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Weight chart progress and learning so far

I've just updated my weight chart on Livestrong and it makes for interesting reading and points for me to learn from.  I'm pretty annoyed with myself for not doing so well in April as I could have been a lot further on by now.  But I realise there are no quick fixes and you can't always be perfect and can't control everything that goes on in life.  I guess it's a case of recognising what might cause you to go off track and dealing with it better if it comes up.  Also knowing that overall you're still heading towards your goal, it might just take a little longer than your unrealistic expectations told you at the beginning!

January to early March:
Pretty consistent losses, I stuck with my program and made it a habit.  I don't remember it being really hard to stick with those first few weeks because I was so relieved that I'd finally started something and taken action instead of always putting it off until next week.  At the risk of sounding like a high-fiving, group-hugging motivational speaker:  If anyone is reading this who is at rock-bottom like I was before Christmas, with no energy, hiding away from life and beating yourself up for being overweight and/or unfit.  Just DO something today. You don't have to have a massive complicated plan or do anything drastic like cutting out all your favourite foods or exercising every day.  Just pick one thing to start with and start doing it today.  As soon as you've started it gets easier every day and from then on you'll never feel as bad as you did yesterday.

Mid-Late March:  I had a few weeks staying the same which was really irritating and didn't help with my scales obsession.  The dip downwards in March was due to GI illness followed by a mad attempt at only eating protein which was horrible (eggy trumps!) and just resulted in me eating more the next week.
Notes to self: 
- Extreme measures don't work long-term. 
- Sometimes you do stay the same for a while but stick with it and things will get moving again soon. 
- Sometimes the scales don't reflect the effort you put in that week, but they will.  Just be patient.

April:  It all goes a bit Pete Tong starting with the holiday from hell where I found solace in food and drink whilst being deprived of sleep and self-worth!  Then I threw my scales away which I don't think was a mistake in itself as it forced me not to weigh every day.  BUT then I went too far the other way and didn't get weighed for weeks.  The longer it went on the more convinced I was that I'd put all the weight back on when clearly I hadn't.  I ate way too much and drank too much too but didn't put too much on as I stuck with the exercising. 
Notes to self: 
- When I get to where I want to be weight-wise I'll actually be able to go out socialising, enjoy things in moderation without putting weight back on as long as I keep the exercise up and eat healthily most of the time.  It's all about balance and it's OK to take a while to learn how to get that right (and have a huge amount of fun socialising whilst you learn!!).

May:  I started being weighed once a week by Jon again and got back into good habits that I know worked earlier in the year. 
Notes to self: 
- Routine is my friend!  Having PT Monday and Friday, bootcamp Wednesday and Saturday means I know exactly what I'm doing and there is no decision to be made about whether or not I'm exercising.  It's just what I do. 
- I love exercising with other people (even if they're thinner than me!!).  When exercise is fun, time goes a bit quicker!
- I get really motivated by setting fitness goals and am really enjoying weight training.  - There's a few things I've already done that I thought I couldn't because of old injuries or just assuming I'd be too old or fat.  It's amazing how quickly your body responds to regular training and I now feel really optimistic about what I might be able to achieve.

Just reading back over some posts I realise I've been a bit down on Matt and feel bad as he is being supportive about me getting fit and losing weight.  Last night he even rubbed my shoulders which really helped.  (Don't worry there was no Barry White music or candles as it was WAY too painful for that. ;))  I should be a bit kinder when mentioning him here.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Achy breaky lats

Wow this new program has battered my upper body and stomach muscles.  It physically hurt to watch Glee last night laughing at Sue Sylvester's insults (but I stuck it out because I love that show, even though I hate musical things!  I think I am the only woman on the planet that didn't enjoy Mamma Mia!).
I sent Jon a jokey email saying how much pain I was in and so I should stay in this phase of the program until I can do a full pull-up and 100kg deadlift.  I should really not joke about these things as of course he replied saying that was the new goal for the next 4 weeks.  Arse! 

So I'll add them over there on the left but I realllly don't think it's gonna happen that soon seeing as I'm currently not able to get my head above the pull-up bar and am dead lifting 50kg.  Think I was using my back too much because my knees were still stiff after Saturdays single-leg squats at bootcamp.  So I wasn't able to sit down into the start of the lift.

Anyone got any good tips for how to deal with muscle soreness and stiffness?  Are there any supplements that help with that or foods/fluids or is it best just to stick to the old baths/self-massage/stretching stuff?  I asked HPI to rub my shoulders but he didn't want to as it'd make his thumbs tired. :(  Perhaps I should just get myself a gigantic Swedish masseur called Sven?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Helloooooo 13s!! What took you so long?

Hoorah, 3lbs lost gets me to 13.12 and out of the 14s forever.  Blimey I took my time in the 14s didn't I?  I'm so fired up now and determined not to hang around in the 13s for quite so long.  Lots of goals are looming:  So close to getting under 30 BMI and out of the obese category.  3lbs gets me to 2 stone lost.  And maybe soon my bodyfat will drop below 30%.  So I've turned those goals red to show how urgent they are in my head!

My waist measurement has stayed the same though as has bodyfat and that is totally due to the vino destructo.  My legs had reduced by an inch in 4 weeks so there's no excuse for my wine belt staying the same. 
So enough of the wine and back onto the diet mixers.....
(..........anyone else getting de ja vu?
               'm sure I've said that practically every month since I started?!).

I asked HPI to stop buying mixed cases of wine as he doesn't drink white so there's really no need to buy it.  His response was that I should use willpower rather than asking him to stop buying it.  I know he's right but I still found it a bit annoying when he doesn't drink the stuff.

Jon's designed a brill new program for developing strength.  It includes a proper deadlift with a barbell that makes me emit a very odd and completely involuntary wheezy grunt when I lift it.  As long as it only affects my mouth and nowhere further south I don't mind!  I do live in fear that one day I'll accidentally let a trump out and then (as I always do) collapse onto the floor in hysterics resulting in a rapid-fire pumping in time with my laughing.

I have 4 weeks until I go to a personal shopping appointment with my sister (John Lewis do it for free which is ace as I am clueless about fashion but not willing to actually pay someone for help).  So I am going to kick my ass SO hard over these 4 weeks and see where I can get to by then.

Friday, 3 June 2011

One massive bicep

Bear with....this first bit contains some car content but is vaguely fitness related:
Last night after having a disagreement with HPI (Him Permanently Indoors) I decided to spend some alone time polishing Bertie outside. Sometimes a repetitive but satisfying task is just what you need to take your mind off things.

So in a Karate Kid "wax on, wax off" stylee I spent two hours buffing him by hand (Bertie, not HPI, that'd smart a bit). Bare aluminium is a nightmare to polish and I just couldnt master the coordination to use my left hand so by the end I had a freakishly knurled claw for a right hand and a proper bo bicep. And I'll have to do it all again to get it even but it was a surprisingly good workout.


I haven't done much other exercise this week which has been very odd but kind of nice to have a break from the routine. And I am really looking forward to bootcamp tomorrow morning so that's a good sign.

After that I'm off to get my haircut which I hate doing so it's been 5 months since the last time. Its the whole sitting in front of the mirror thing i detest. Im a rubbish girl. I'm gonna go for something short and practical as I'm having to use two hairdryers at the same time to dry my current mop.

After that I'm meeting Manda in Buxton for afternoon drinkypoos. Last time I ended up hammered and doing ZZ Top impressions on the station platform so god knows what tomorrow will bring.

Next weekend I have my house to myself for the first time since HPI moved in last July. I'm torn between going to visit friends, having family round, having a massive party or enjoying the peace and quiet. I really think I need to have more time to myself as it's not enough having one opportunity like this per annum.

Sometimes I really wish I had my own place but am scared that if I go down that route I'll end up lonely and full of more regrets than I already have.

Mind you in the grand scheme of things it's not that important and i should stop whinging. Some good friends of mine had bad news this week and I would give anything to make it better for them.

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