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Friday, 20 May 2011

Yeaaaaaaah 5lbs gone!

I wasn't expecting that this morning but thank goodness the scales have started moving again and I've swan-dived off that plateau I enjoyed so much.  I'm only a pound or so off my goal of getting into the 13s I reckon considering I was dressed and be-trainered which could add a pound.  What a difference eating well makes eh?  One thing that has really worked is taking a box full of healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day (thanks to those that suggested it in comments!).  It means I'm not completely ravenous when I get home and so can avoid the temptation better.

My friend Trudi came along to bootcamp on Wednesday and it was lovely having a friend there to share the pain!  I reckon I'll get to know the regulars quite well too as there's a real feeling of comraderie when you suffer together.  I did suggest that we could go for drinks one day after class which I think could be sabotaging our efforts somewhat...... but maybe every now and then it would be OK?!  It was really hard going cycling back home after the session.  I grabbed a banana between getting home from work and going to bootcamp but by the time I've done the hour class and got home it's 9pm and a long time since I ate properly so energy levels are very low.  And of course there's a monster hill right at the end of the ride home.

I'm taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge event where you wear a pedometer and log your steps each day (plus you can record bike rides and swims).  So I've stopped using the lifts at work and am trying to keep moving more.  It makes me realise how long I spend sitting at this desk without moving, it's horrible!  Here's an article about it.... I've been doing leg extensions and bum clenches but might try one of these under desk pedalling machines too!


Ruby said...

Well done, that's an amazing result! It always makes me feel really motivated when I have a good loss, hope you have another good week!

Victoria said...

Congrats, great loss and thanks for the links, I liked the one about sitting, I see a mass email being sent, just to piss off my manager if anything! xx

BabyWilt said...

5lbs ..... that ROKCS, well done :-)

Lesley said...

Hi Hetty. Thanks for popping by my blog and saying hi..Nice to know there are a few Peaks bloggers out there.

You seem to be doing really well on the weight loss front so keep it up and I will shamelessly take inspiration from your sucess!

Lesley xx

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