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Monday, 9 May 2011

Weigh-in results......

When the alarm went off at 6:15 this morning I had about 3 seconds of blissful ignorance before remembering that today was WEIGH-IN DAY. ARRGGGHH! Having wrestled with the idea of shaving my eyebrows and head, I instead decided to push myself hard on the bike ride to Jon's studio in the hope that a 23min cycle ride could shift 14lbs of sweat. 

.....and the result after all my worrying

                                                               .......I put 2lbs on. 

Don't think I've ever been this pleased about gaining 2lbs before but I really thought it was more like half a stone or more so I am v relieved. I'll be weighed every week from now on so I don't lose track but also don't have to have scales at home and get back into daily weighing obsessions.  Hopefully next week's result will be even better when I'm not retaining water too. 

I get my tape measurements done on Friday so will have to see if the waist result reflects 'wine belt' re-growth.  But fat calliper results from today were all down on last time and I've lost 10kg of body fat in total so far.  Since the last measurements I've gained 2kg of fat free mass too so unless I've grown an extra spine or something I figure that's muscle gain.  Hoorah! 

But enough of the celebrating, at the end of the day I would have been a lot further on with this journey had I not spent most of March and April partying in Lardsville.  It has given me a great motivation boost and I'm going to work SO hard now.

I managed 15 man press-ups in a row on Saturday but Matt thinks I'm not going low enough so I'll try it again before turning my goal green for that one.  He's contemplating going to the mens bootcamp session on Wednesday night.  I really hope he does as think it would make him feel so much better.  But I know it's best not to nag or say anything about it until the night and leave it up to him. 

My chin-up was not quite there - about 90% of the way up but my chin (despite being like Bruce Forsyth's!) wasn't high enough to count as a proper one.  I'll keep trying though!  I managed to swing the 40kg kettlebell up but nearly snapped my back in half on the downswing so don't think I'll be using that one thanks very much. 


Ruby said...

Great news! 2lb on is not bad at all if you haven't really been sticking to your plan for all that time. 10kg of body fat is a brilliant loss, well done!

BabyWilt said...

Hi, I found you via "loosing it" your blog is a great read :-)

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