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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Week 21 and overdoing it

Only half a pound lost this week which is a bit annoying as I've done heaps of exercise but we all know the scales don't always reflect the effort. It often seems to cycle between a big loss one week and a stay the same or small loss the next. My trainer Jon is away on hols next week so next weigh-in will be in 10days when it's also time for measurements and a new program.
I so want to be out of the 14s forever and wonder if I already am because I'm so close when weighing with my clothes and shoes on. So when I saw a set of half-price scales on Friday I bought them. I got them home, unpacked them and stood there staring at them wondering whether or not to step on and start up this obsession again. Honestly it was like an alcoholic having a battle of wills with a bottle of whiskey?! Anyway rather hilariously I couldn't get the darn things to work as they are faulty so they went back and I didn't get a replacement set. Phew!

Today has been a mammoth day for exercise. I cycled to bootcamp (in the rain) this morning, had a reasonable session including hitting my goal of using the 20kg kettlebell for single arm swings. I went to my fave cafe afterwards but couldn't finish a smoked salmon bagel so had to leave it. Very odd, but fortunate as the big hill out of Bakewell is hard enough without having a full tummy.
As I came back through my home village I thought I was seeing things as I approached someone from behind who looked very much like my ex-husband. As I got closer I realised it was definitely him. That's the second bank-holiday weekend in a row that he's spent camping and walking in my village with his friends from work. Not really sure what to make of that. I really hope it's not him that's choosing the location. I dont know what I would do if I was out with Matt and bumped into him. I'd probably not be able to handle it and just run off like a child!

Anyway I digress, after I got home I did an hour of gardening planting up a mixed bed of veg and flowers. Then got a lift to Ashbourne to meet a friend from work. The idea was that I would walk as far as I could back and get a bus if I got too tired or ring Matt for a lift.

I set off home at 5pm along the Tissington Trail which is a disused railway that has been converted into a hard pack traffic-free trail. This is the sign at the beginning. I live 3 miles from Parsley Hay so it would have been a monster 16.5 miles in total.

I enjoyed the first hour and a half plodding along with my ipod on. After that it got a lot quieter and my hips started to stiffen up on both sides. I've never had that problem before so perhaps it was something from bootcamp or gardening but by 2hours in I was in agony. The only way to lessen the pain was to jog instead of walk. At that point I started to feel a bit vulnerable as no one knew where I was (I hadnt told Matt when I set off or given him any updates on where I'd got to). There aren't many paths off the trail so you are stuck on it for long stretches with no escape route and little mobile signal.

I didn't see anyone for an hour of walk/jogging and then thought I would get the last bus home so sped up to make it to the next path off the trail. I found the bus stop in time (quite an achievement as I am rubbish at map reading!). Unfortunately the bus never came so it must have come early or been cancelled. That's the problem with rural bus services I guess you can't count on them. I was freezing by then so donned my woolly hat and carried on jogging wondering what to do. I really didn't want to ring Matt and ask for help because I knew he'd take the piss out of me for missing the bus and for not figuring out that I couldn't make it home before dark. But after reaching the 12 mile point the pain in my hips was just too much and I rang for a lift.

I had a rubbish night of sleep from the aches and pains and am seriously struggling to get out of bed this morning so today is definitely a rest day. On the plus side I now like jogging a lot more than walking and got over 30,000 steps on my pedometer yesterday so that should help my team average. I must learn to look after myself a bit more and not take silly risks.

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Ruby said...

What a long walk! I get the same thing where I can not lose or lose small amounts for ages, then suddenly it comes off. As long as it comes off eventually it's all good, but I wish it would be a bit more regular as I get a bit disheartened in the weeks when I've tried hard and not lost much!

Hetty said...

Hi Ruby,
Yeah isn't it annoying? Makes me want to stamp my feet and shout "it's SO unfair!" :) I'm definitely better off not having scales at home otherwise I fear one day Matt would come home to find me sitting on the bathroom floor clutching the scales and babbling like a mad woman!
I'll try not to get disheartened if you do too. Keep up the good work and we'll get our just rewards eventually. :)

BabyWilt said...

Good stuff on not getting a replacement set of scales, it clearly was not meant to be and you did the right thing.
ALWAYS try tell someone where you are when out walking/running, especially when its rural/off road like that - *NAUGHTY YOU* consider yourself told off!!!

Hetty said...

You're completely right BW and I promise never to do it again honest. My Mum emailed me to tell me off aswell so I am spending this afternoon on the naughty step. Well, I would if I could actually bend down that far but I'm sooooo stiff I can't! :)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Keep it up, you're doing loads more exercise than last year, so it won't be long now before your super fit x

Lesley said...

Wow! 12 miles with sore hips! I'm glad you finally got a lift home though. Hope the scales of doom do the decent thing and show a loss!

Lesley x

Hetty said...

Hi Ads and Lesley. I may have had slightly too much medicinal wine on Sunday and Monday to get a good result on the scales. But thanks for the encouragement anyway!! :)

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