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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sting and dimples

First of all I'd like to say to all Mums and Dads out there I salute you and am full of admiration that day in, day out you cope with kids. Matt's nephews have only been here for 24hours but I'm knackered already. They are great fun and it's nice to have people to play with who are on my silliness level (somewhere between 4 and 10yrs old).

I cycled to bootcamp this morning despite being up until 2am partying with Matt and his sisters taking turns doing karaoke on the playstation. How the boys slept through my screeching rendition of Roxanne by the Police I will never know.
It wasn't my best ever performance at bootcamp but I did feel a whole heap better after sweating out some white wine.

And amazingly despite overdoing the wine last night I didn't overeat. Perhaps there is hope that I can find a balance between socialising fun and staying on track with eating.

I took this picture of myself in my nerdy global corporate challenge gear. I told you I have a chin like Bruce Forsyth! But the good news is that my quadruple chins are a bit smaller.

I've always thought it was a bit of a rip-off that I only got a dimple on my left cheek whereas my sister got a matching pair. Luckily there are hundreds of dimples on my arse cheeks which more than makes up for it. Does cellulite ever disappear or reduce with weight loss and training or am I stuck with it for life?

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Ruby said...

I am hoping (and praying) that the cellulite reduces! I have started body brushing before I shower, when I remember, as this is supposed to help. I'll let you know how I get on!

Lesley said...

I typed a comment but Blogger ate it!

So, sorry this is short but Well Done! on making it to Bootcamp - you're clearly very motivated. Keep it up!

Lesley xx

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