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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Speaking of lessons learned.....

...I really wish I could remember anything I learnt whilst studying sports science at Uni as it might've been quite useful now.  I haven't kept any of my books nor notes so will have to relearn from scratch.  I also wish I had chosen the sports injury module instead of sports psychology as clearly the latter hasn't had ANY positive effect on my ability to resist the scales!

I think I'll start by getting an anatomy book out of the library as having looked at more muscle pics on the t'internet I think it is more likely gluteus medius and the top side part of maximus that is the problem.  It is a freakin' large part of my body which might explain why it's so painful!

p.s. They say you should do something that scares you every day.  So right now I am eating a baked potato covered in a whole can of baked beans and then I'm going into a meeting in an unventilated room for two hours.  LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE DUDES!


BabyWilt said...

Bwahahahahahaaaaa ..... TWO hours!!!!!!!! oooooohhhh, don't think I'd last :-)

Hetty said...

It was touch and go at times BW! Fortunately the meeting ended early due to a fire drill. Clearly someone had tipped off the fire department about my reckless bean experiment.

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