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Sunday, 1 May 2011


'Nice' cafe in Bakewell with a side of blossom with every order:

'Bertie' the funmobile:

Last pic is from a walk we did today which was lovely until Matt realised with horror at mile 5 that he'd left his car unlocked and keys in the ignition inthe pay & display carpark. So I had to run the last 3 miles in hiking shoes. I am also stunned to report that despite not having a sports bra on no one was hurt or killed! The car was still there fortunately.


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

We were at Bakewell today. Those big fish are getting monsterous

Grace. said...

Hey Im a new follower, way to go on your loss so far :) can't wait to keep reading.

the wannabe former fatgirl

Hetty said...

Hi Grace. Thanks for the lovely comment. I have followed you too and will enjoy reading about your journey so far. :)

Hetty said...

Ads - if you're still free mid-may weekend we could do the bakewell loop and then go my fave cafe. They do healthy stuff! :)

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