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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lesson learned

Having been incapable of proper exercise the last couple of days I've done a lot of stretching instead and it seems it was my iliotibial band that was hurting so much during the walk.  My Mum will be relieved as she reckoned I was on course for a double hip replacement after Saturday's post (hello Mum! :)).  Note to self:  don't do intense bootcamp involving lots of leg work and then expect to do a long walk the same day!  It's not rocket science is it?  Unfortunately it appears that holding onto my belongings is rocket science for my tiny brain as I have lost my house keys.  Sigh.

I've felt a bit down and totally shattered the last couple of days so was glad to have some enforced rest.  I have enjoyed having time to find some new blogs to follow, some of which are focused more on weight lifting/fitness.  I think I could really get into that side of things as I love the feeling of getting stronger and setting targets to beat.  Can't wait until I can actually see my arm muscles as I can feel that they're bigger but they're just still hiding under all the fat!  My legs are doing better though and I've taken some pics so I can see progress over the next few weeks as I keep moaning to Matt that I can't see a difference but he says he can.

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