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Saturday, 7 May 2011

I love bootcamp, even in the rain

Despite feeling so bad last night that I couldn't drink wine or eat much (I know, shocking right?) I felt much better after an early night. Still had a bit of a headache this morning but that was blasted away by the bike ride to bootcamp (ok maybe the ibuprofen helped too but I'm still amazed at how I always, without fail, feel better after exercising).

It started chucking it down as I arrived but a plucky 6 ladies had turned up for the session and Jon had found a sheltered spot under the trees. Everyone else is way slimmer than me but I'll get there one day and at least i don't feel like I really stand out compared to 'normal' people anymore.

I managed three sets of single-arm swings with the 16kg kettlebell so dont think I'm far off my goal of 20kg. My trainer has just bought a 40kg bell so I'm looking forward to attempting to even move that off the floor!

On Monday I get weighed and measured for the first time in weeks. Really not looking forward to those results as I can tell from my clothes that I've put weight on. Especially around my tummy or 'wine belt' as my sister calls it. But I need to have the kick to get me back on track with my eating. I'm going to attempt my first full pull-up on Monday too and see how far off I am. Imagine trying to lift 14stone off the floor from straight arms?! Oh god I really hope I'm not back in the 15s again? Im not sure how to deal with whatever the weight result is. I'll definitely have put muscle on in the last few weeks as I'm lifting way more. It's also ladies week so that won't help. I'll just have to suck it up and make sure I keep moving in the right direction from now on.

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Ruby said...

I know how you feel about the weigh in, in fact I haven't weighed in this week as I've been unwell, feel really tubby and don't want to spoil my weekend! I think that once you get it over with though, you will feel much better that it's not hanging over you and at least you know where you are and what you have to do. Maybe I should take my own advice!

Hetty said...

Very true Ruby. I think the anticipation is worse than knowing where I am. It really annoys me that I am so bothered by that one number. I haven't weighed for 5 weeks so could be a horrendous figure I see! Hope you get a good result when you next pluck up the courage to step on. At least I don't have scales at home anymore so I'll not get back into daily obsession.

T said...

You realise you haven't 'greened' another one of your targets yet? ;-)

Try not to worry too much about the weigh in. Like you both said, the anticipation is always worse than anything else. And even if you have gained, it isn't the end of the world - you have done great so far and you know you can lose it again and that you are so much fitter and more confident than you were when you started on this journey and you should feel very proud of everything you have achieved so far. Not least all those green bits over there on the left!

PS: Pull ups are over rated. ;-) (even when I was climbing at my hardest, I still only managed 8!!!)

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