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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Back in control

It seems lots of bloggers have had good weeks with weight loss and fitness goals being achieved. It's very inspiring to read and I finally figured out how to add a list of blogs I like here (I'm a bit slow on the uptake!). I hope I can rejoin the 'success club' soon.

I finally got my eating back under control this week which is a relief. There's still room for improvement of course. Preparation and planning really is the key, as is cooking for myself.
I find I am really really hungry at the moment, especially in the afternoon, so I think I need to eat more often during the day.

More worrying is that my superpower of being able to consume vast quantities of wine without suffering the next day is disappearing. I had a horrible headache yesterday morning after a fairly restrained Friday night. My good friend exercise did the trick once again though and by the time I cycled to bootcamp I felt much better. I did feel tired and stiff though so struggled a bit. I need to eat something before I set off in the morning. Maybe a banana or some granola. Plus I think doing biking and PT on Friday and then biking and bootcamp the next day is tough but maybe my body will get used to it soon.

Unfortunately Matt never went to bootcamp on Wednesday and had fish and chips instead. I'm just annoyed that I believed it might happen when I should know better. It's hard being with someone so reluctant to do anything but I've given up trying to encourage him now. We're supposed to be doing a 26 mile organised hike in 6 weeks and I have a horrible feeling he's going to drop out at the last minute and leave me walking alone for 9 hours. Best start downloading some music and podcasts just in case!

We seem to be having April showers in May which led to me being caught in a very heavy downpour in Bertie (yes, I am a sad loser that names cars!!). I discovered that when driving on wet roads the water shoots up from the front wheel into the gap between my shoulder and the side of the car and runs down my back to collect in a pool. I also can't see very much as without wipers the little screen beads up with water so I end up having to lie down in the cockpit and look through a letterbox-sized gap. Despite being freezing cold, soaking wet down to my undies and desperate for the loo (all that water!) I was still smiling when I got home. And in theory it must burn more calories? My heart rate certainly went sky high every time I lost traction at the rear!

Weigh-in tomorrow eek! So I best do some more exercise today. Hope you have a good week.


Victoria said...

It takes time for the hunger side of things to disperse but if you feel your not eating enough then you should def snack on some fruit or something more regularly.

My advice on the Matt front is, don't try. If he wants to change and do it he will and your there to help. If he is dragging his heals cause your doing it is not worth all your effort. Get on with it best you can cause you know your rockin it without excuses. Even if you do that walk alone, you did it, you got out there and its something you can be proud of and he may feel bad for not being part of that.

Good luck at tomorrows weigh in xx

Athena In Trainers said...

Hey, with a car that cool how can it not have a name? Great blog, sounds like you word hard at your fitness - keep it up!!!

Ruby said...

I agree with Victoria on both counts.

With the eating, whenever I've been 'off plan' for a while it always takes me a while to get used to eating smaller portions again. As long as I'm happy that eating enough calories, I'll get round it by eating some healthy but low cal snacks such as fruit, or chopped veg (I like mangetout, pepper and carrots) and drinking lots of water of course!

Hetty said...

Thanks Vics that's good advice. I only have enough motivation for one so will have to let Matt find his own way. I guess I should be grateful that he's not actually getting in the way of anything I'm doing and does listen to my boring ramblings about kettlebells/calorie content of foods etc!

Great idea Ruby about the veg - I brought some fruit and yoghurt to work today to give me something to graze on but I love veg too so will bring some of that aswell tomorrow.

Hi Athena - you're blog is ace and makes me want to get my trainers on and run (not an easy thing to inspire!). :) I've measured a 5k course on the map so will start using that as a challenge and fitness test. I just have to figure out how to fit running into my exercise schedule.

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