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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Speaking of lessons learned.....

...I really wish I could remember anything I learnt whilst studying sports science at Uni as it might've been quite useful now.  I haven't kept any of my books nor notes so will have to relearn from scratch.  I also wish I had chosen the sports injury module instead of sports psychology as clearly the latter hasn't had ANY positive effect on my ability to resist the scales!

I think I'll start by getting an anatomy book out of the library as having looked at more muscle pics on the t'internet I think it is more likely gluteus medius and the top side part of maximus that is the problem.  It is a freakin' large part of my body which might explain why it's so painful!

p.s. They say you should do something that scares you every day.  So right now I am eating a baked potato covered in a whole can of baked beans and then I'm going into a meeting in an unventilated room for two hours.  LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE DUDES!

Lesson learned

Having been incapable of proper exercise the last couple of days I've done a lot of stretching instead and it seems it was my iliotibial band that was hurting so much during the walk.  My Mum will be relieved as she reckoned I was on course for a double hip replacement after Saturday's post (hello Mum! :)).  Note to self:  don't do intense bootcamp involving lots of leg work and then expect to do a long walk the same day!  It's not rocket science is it?  Unfortunately it appears that holding onto my belongings is rocket science for my tiny brain as I have lost my house keys.  Sigh.

I've felt a bit down and totally shattered the last couple of days so was glad to have some enforced rest.  I have enjoyed having time to find some new blogs to follow, some of which are focused more on weight lifting/fitness.  I think I could really get into that side of things as I love the feeling of getting stronger and setting targets to beat.  Can't wait until I can actually see my arm muscles as I can feel that they're bigger but they're just still hiding under all the fat!  My legs are doing better though and I've taken some pics so I can see progress over the next few weeks as I keep moaning to Matt that I can't see a difference but he says he can.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Week 21 and overdoing it

Only half a pound lost this week which is a bit annoying as I've done heaps of exercise but we all know the scales don't always reflect the effort. It often seems to cycle between a big loss one week and a stay the same or small loss the next. My trainer Jon is away on hols next week so next weigh-in will be in 10days when it's also time for measurements and a new program.
I so want to be out of the 14s forever and wonder if I already am because I'm so close when weighing with my clothes and shoes on. So when I saw a set of half-price scales on Friday I bought them. I got them home, unpacked them and stood there staring at them wondering whether or not to step on and start up this obsession again. Honestly it was like an alcoholic having a battle of wills with a bottle of whiskey?! Anyway rather hilariously I couldn't get the darn things to work as they are faulty so they went back and I didn't get a replacement set. Phew!

Today has been a mammoth day for exercise. I cycled to bootcamp (in the rain) this morning, had a reasonable session including hitting my goal of using the 20kg kettlebell for single arm swings. I went to my fave cafe afterwards but couldn't finish a smoked salmon bagel so had to leave it. Very odd, but fortunate as the big hill out of Bakewell is hard enough without having a full tummy.
As I came back through my home village I thought I was seeing things as I approached someone from behind who looked very much like my ex-husband. As I got closer I realised it was definitely him. That's the second bank-holiday weekend in a row that he's spent camping and walking in my village with his friends from work. Not really sure what to make of that. I really hope it's not him that's choosing the location. I dont know what I would do if I was out with Matt and bumped into him. I'd probably not be able to handle it and just run off like a child!

Anyway I digress, after I got home I did an hour of gardening planting up a mixed bed of veg and flowers. Then got a lift to Ashbourne to meet a friend from work. The idea was that I would walk as far as I could back and get a bus if I got too tired or ring Matt for a lift.

I set off home at 5pm along the Tissington Trail which is a disused railway that has been converted into a hard pack traffic-free trail. This is the sign at the beginning. I live 3 miles from Parsley Hay so it would have been a monster 16.5 miles in total.

I enjoyed the first hour and a half plodding along with my ipod on. After that it got a lot quieter and my hips started to stiffen up on both sides. I've never had that problem before so perhaps it was something from bootcamp or gardening but by 2hours in I was in agony. The only way to lessen the pain was to jog instead of walk. At that point I started to feel a bit vulnerable as no one knew where I was (I hadnt told Matt when I set off or given him any updates on where I'd got to). There aren't many paths off the trail so you are stuck on it for long stretches with no escape route and little mobile signal.

I didn't see anyone for an hour of walk/jogging and then thought I would get the last bus home so sped up to make it to the next path off the trail. I found the bus stop in time (quite an achievement as I am rubbish at map reading!). Unfortunately the bus never came so it must have come early or been cancelled. That's the problem with rural bus services I guess you can't count on them. I was freezing by then so donned my woolly hat and carried on jogging wondering what to do. I really didn't want to ring Matt and ask for help because I knew he'd take the piss out of me for missing the bus and for not figuring out that I couldn't make it home before dark. But after reaching the 12 mile point the pain in my hips was just too much and I rang for a lift.

I had a rubbish night of sleep from the aches and pains and am seriously struggling to get out of bed this morning so today is definitely a rest day. On the plus side I now like jogging a lot more than walking and got over 30,000 steps on my pedometer yesterday so that should help my team average. I must learn to look after myself a bit more and not take silly risks.

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sting and dimples

First of all I'd like to say to all Mums and Dads out there I salute you and am full of admiration that day in, day out you cope with kids. Matt's nephews have only been here for 24hours but I'm knackered already. They are great fun and it's nice to have people to play with who are on my silliness level (somewhere between 4 and 10yrs old).

I cycled to bootcamp this morning despite being up until 2am partying with Matt and his sisters taking turns doing karaoke on the playstation. How the boys slept through my screeching rendition of Roxanne by the Police I will never know.
It wasn't my best ever performance at bootcamp but I did feel a whole heap better after sweating out some white wine.

And amazingly despite overdoing the wine last night I didn't overeat. Perhaps there is hope that I can find a balance between socialising fun and staying on track with eating.

I took this picture of myself in my nerdy global corporate challenge gear. I told you I have a chin like Bruce Forsyth! But the good news is that my quadruple chins are a bit smaller.

I've always thought it was a bit of a rip-off that I only got a dimple on my left cheek whereas my sister got a matching pair. Luckily there are hundreds of dimples on my arse cheeks which more than makes up for it. Does cellulite ever disappear or reduce with weight loss and training or am I stuck with it for life?

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Yeaaaaaaah 5lbs gone!

I wasn't expecting that this morning but thank goodness the scales have started moving again and I've swan-dived off that plateau I enjoyed so much.  I'm only a pound or so off my goal of getting into the 13s I reckon considering I was dressed and be-trainered which could add a pound.  What a difference eating well makes eh?  One thing that has really worked is taking a box full of healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day (thanks to those that suggested it in comments!).  It means I'm not completely ravenous when I get home and so can avoid the temptation better.

My friend Trudi came along to bootcamp on Wednesday and it was lovely having a friend there to share the pain!  I reckon I'll get to know the regulars quite well too as there's a real feeling of comraderie when you suffer together.  I did suggest that we could go for drinks one day after class which I think could be sabotaging our efforts somewhat...... but maybe every now and then it would be OK?!  It was really hard going cycling back home after the session.  I grabbed a banana between getting home from work and going to bootcamp but by the time I've done the hour class and got home it's 9pm and a long time since I ate properly so energy levels are very low.  And of course there's a monster hill right at the end of the ride home.

I'm taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge event where you wear a pedometer and log your steps each day (plus you can record bike rides and swims).  So I've stopped using the lifts at work and am trying to keep moving more.  It makes me realise how long I spend sitting at this desk without moving, it's horrible!  Here's an article about it.... I've been doing leg extensions and bum clenches but might try one of these under desk pedalling machines too!

Monday, 16 May 2011

I forgot to get weighed?!

Wow that's a first :  imagine me forgetting to get on the scales at PT this morning?!  I got distracted by having my measurements done and then went straight into the exercising.  Chest and waist have reduced a bit more so I guess my 'wine belt' worries were unfounded.  However both of those measurements should have gone down at least an inch more by now so there's another boost to my motivation to stay on track with the eating and see some better results at my next measurements in 3 weeks.

I'm also having to get used to the fact that I now step on the scales fully clothed and with trainers and jacket on so it's gonna take a while longer before I see the figure I used to see on my bathroom scales in the buff after a full body Immac and toilet trip!!

So weigh-in will be Friday now!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Back in control

It seems lots of bloggers have had good weeks with weight loss and fitness goals being achieved. It's very inspiring to read and I finally figured out how to add a list of blogs I like here (I'm a bit slow on the uptake!). I hope I can rejoin the 'success club' soon.

I finally got my eating back under control this week which is a relief. There's still room for improvement of course. Preparation and planning really is the key, as is cooking for myself.
I find I am really really hungry at the moment, especially in the afternoon, so I think I need to eat more often during the day.

More worrying is that my superpower of being able to consume vast quantities of wine without suffering the next day is disappearing. I had a horrible headache yesterday morning after a fairly restrained Friday night. My good friend exercise did the trick once again though and by the time I cycled to bootcamp I felt much better. I did feel tired and stiff though so struggled a bit. I need to eat something before I set off in the morning. Maybe a banana or some granola. Plus I think doing biking and PT on Friday and then biking and bootcamp the next day is tough but maybe my body will get used to it soon.

Unfortunately Matt never went to bootcamp on Wednesday and had fish and chips instead. I'm just annoyed that I believed it might happen when I should know better. It's hard being with someone so reluctant to do anything but I've given up trying to encourage him now. We're supposed to be doing a 26 mile organised hike in 6 weeks and I have a horrible feeling he's going to drop out at the last minute and leave me walking alone for 9 hours. Best start downloading some music and podcasts just in case!

We seem to be having April showers in May which led to me being caught in a very heavy downpour in Bertie (yes, I am a sad loser that names cars!!). I discovered that when driving on wet roads the water shoots up from the front wheel into the gap between my shoulder and the side of the car and runs down my back to collect in a pool. I also can't see very much as without wipers the little screen beads up with water so I end up having to lie down in the cockpit and look through a letterbox-sized gap. Despite being freezing cold, soaking wet down to my undies and desperate for the loo (all that water!) I was still smiling when I got home. And in theory it must burn more calories? My heart rate certainly went sky high every time I lost traction at the rear!

Weigh-in tomorrow eek! So I best do some more exercise today. Hope you have a good week.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Weigh-in results......

When the alarm went off at 6:15 this morning I had about 3 seconds of blissful ignorance before remembering that today was WEIGH-IN DAY. ARRGGGHH! Having wrestled with the idea of shaving my eyebrows and head, I instead decided to push myself hard on the bike ride to Jon's studio in the hope that a 23min cycle ride could shift 14lbs of sweat. 

.....and the result after all my worrying

                                                               .......I put 2lbs on. 

Don't think I've ever been this pleased about gaining 2lbs before but I really thought it was more like half a stone or more so I am v relieved. I'll be weighed every week from now on so I don't lose track but also don't have to have scales at home and get back into daily weighing obsessions.  Hopefully next week's result will be even better when I'm not retaining water too. 

I get my tape measurements done on Friday so will have to see if the waist result reflects 'wine belt' re-growth.  But fat calliper results from today were all down on last time and I've lost 10kg of body fat in total so far.  Since the last measurements I've gained 2kg of fat free mass too so unless I've grown an extra spine or something I figure that's muscle gain.  Hoorah! 

But enough of the celebrating, at the end of the day I would have been a lot further on with this journey had I not spent most of March and April partying in Lardsville.  It has given me a great motivation boost and I'm going to work SO hard now.

I managed 15 man press-ups in a row on Saturday but Matt thinks I'm not going low enough so I'll try it again before turning my goal green for that one.  He's contemplating going to the mens bootcamp session on Wednesday night.  I really hope he does as think it would make him feel so much better.  But I know it's best not to nag or say anything about it until the night and leave it up to him. 

My chin-up was not quite there - about 90% of the way up but my chin (despite being like Bruce Forsyth's!) wasn't high enough to count as a proper one.  I'll keep trying though!  I managed to swing the 40kg kettlebell up but nearly snapped my back in half on the downswing so don't think I'll be using that one thanks very much. 

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Brain Farts continued...

Left my mountain bike outside all night. What's happening to me?!!!
It was still there this morning but I must have used up all my good luck by now.

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Saturday, 7 May 2011

I love bootcamp, even in the rain

Despite feeling so bad last night that I couldn't drink wine or eat much (I know, shocking right?) I felt much better after an early night. Still had a bit of a headache this morning but that was blasted away by the bike ride to bootcamp (ok maybe the ibuprofen helped too but I'm still amazed at how I always, without fail, feel better after exercising).

It started chucking it down as I arrived but a plucky 6 ladies had turned up for the session and Jon had found a sheltered spot under the trees. Everyone else is way slimmer than me but I'll get there one day and at least i don't feel like I really stand out compared to 'normal' people anymore.

I managed three sets of single-arm swings with the 16kg kettlebell so dont think I'm far off my goal of 20kg. My trainer has just bought a 40kg bell so I'm looking forward to attempting to even move that off the floor!

On Monday I get weighed and measured for the first time in weeks. Really not looking forward to those results as I can tell from my clothes that I've put weight on. Especially around my tummy or 'wine belt' as my sister calls it. But I need to have the kick to get me back on track with my eating. I'm going to attempt my first full pull-up on Monday too and see how far off I am. Imagine trying to lift 14stone off the floor from straight arms?! Oh god I really hope I'm not back in the 15s again? Im not sure how to deal with whatever the weight result is. I'll definitely have put muscle on in the last few weeks as I'm lifting way more. It's also ladies week so that won't help. I'll just have to suck it up and make sure I keep moving in the right direction from now on.

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Brain farts

Where the bloomin' heck did April go?! I'm so behind on my work because having had a week holiday and then lots of bank holidays I just haven't been there.

This week I had a two day meeting at Manchester Airport which had taken a lot of planning. I hardly sat down both days and did a lot of running around but I missed bootcamp on Wednesday night as we went out for a meal.

I'm always a bit apprehensive when going out with a big group of people I don't know, but it was great fun. I tried to pick healthyish options so went for smoked salmon to start and then lamb nicoise salad (which sounds odd but was delicious!). Everyone else had a dessert but I resisted. Let's gloss over the copious amounts of red wine I had though shall we?! I still got up at 6am to set up the meeting room so no hangover fortunately.

Yesterday I drove the rocket to work and it was my first time driving it in the rain. I was relieved to find that I had no problem with grip. The only difficulty was how to see properly with no windscreen wipers. There are little screens in front of you but no wipers and you can't reach the screen to wipe it once you're strapped in. I also got rain on my sunglasses which didn't help. I'm going to try some of that rain-x treatment which makes the water bead and roll off.

I also got a helmet for really cold and wet days. Will post a pic later so you can have a proper laugh at me!

I don't know if it was being tired or not eating enough yesterday but I felt really weird all day and this led to some serious brain farts. First of all I left my car keys on the bonnet of the car in plain view all day. I remembered at 3pm and must have broken some kind of sprint record running to the carpark (well, if they ever include an Olympic category for 14stone women in inappropriate shoes). Fortunately it was still there.
Getting into the car after a hard day at work involves way too many thought processes:
-Take the tonneau cover and side doors off, fold and cram into tiny boot.
-Put keys in ignition before getting in otherwise you can't see where to put them and can't get them out of your pocket.
-Lay harnesses out because once my big arse is in there ain't nothing getting past.
-Slide down into seat.
-Attach harnesses.
-Attach steering wheel (hoping you didn't leave it in the office).
-Put hat,gloves and sunglasses on.
-Start car.

Unfortunately I forgot one crucial step......
-put laptop in boot.

And instead chose to......

I did wonder what the scraping noise was when I pulled away but it was only when the front wheel popped up in the air that I remembered I'd left my rucksack on the ground in front of the car.
I then had to try to get out of the car in a hurry before anyone saw what had happened.
I don't know how but the laptop survived. It's a bit wonky but works. It wasn't even in a padded bag. I hope the security guys had a good laugh if they were watching the CCTV.

By the time I got home I had a massive headache and felt really dizzy so went to bed happy just to have survived the day.

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Sunday, 1 May 2011


'Nice' cafe in Bakewell with a side of blossom with every order:

'Bertie' the funmobile:

Last pic is from a walk we did today which was lovely until Matt realised with horror at mile 5 that he'd left his car unlocked and keys in the ignition inthe pay & display carpark. So I had to run the last 3 miles in hiking shoes. I am also stunned to report that despite not having a sports bra on no one was hurt or killed! The car was still there fortunately.

What's been occurin'?

Didn't realise it had been so long since my last blog. And now of course I can't remember what's been occurrin. Starting with the good news: exercise has been going well. I'm steadily improving the weights and reps I can do at PT and really really enjoying the bootcamp sessions. Yesterday was the first time I cycled there (against the wind) did the bootcamp and then cycled home after choosing a more healthy breakfast at my fave cafe in Bakewell. It has a little courtyard surrounded by medieval looking buildings and gorgeous trees in blossom. Reckon I had an extra portion of veg from the amount of blossom landing in my food and drink! Haven't worked out how to insert a photo in the middle of a message when using my iPhone so will post them after.
I'm starting to see a difference in the muscle tone of my legs. Still a lot of flab and cellulite to banish but some progress at least.
Food and drink have been pretty terrible to be honest. Well, terrible from a diet point of view but absolutely freaking gorgeous from a taste point of view!! I'm almost looking forward to these long weekends ending as it's so much easier to stay on track with the usual routine. By the end of next week I'll be back on my game and hopefully seeing the weight start to come off again. Its been a wonderful plateau but time to get a move on.
Last week I did something totally silly from a financial point of view but something that made a 20year dream come true. I just hope it's not an early mid-life crisis. In fact, d'you know what I don't even care if it is. I like to think of it more like me starting to live to the full again and putting behind me all the divorce stuff, unhappiness with my weight, and social hermitism (if that's not a word, it is now!). So I went and bought my dream car last Wednesday and had a fantastic time driving down with my Dad to pick it up (he is entirely responsible for me being a petrolhead) and driving home in convoy. The car costs way less than your average family saloon or hatchback, has no windscreen nor roof but is the one I've always wanted. So much more than just metal bolted together, it's about me having something that is purely for fun, really makes me feel alive and fits who I really am: a bit silly, someone who doesn't take themselves seriously and isn't afraid of looking like a nutter. I don't think I ever would have had the confidence to do it if I hadnt started getting fit.
Yesterday I spent quite a while in the garden on my own with my iPod on trying to do 20 football keep-ups in a row. It did make me chuckle at one point when i wondered how many other 36year old women in the world were doing that same thing right then? I'm sure I can't be the only one who's starting to remember what having fun is all about and trying to stop worrying her life away, trying to control everything and please everyone.