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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Week 15 - reflections so far.

Having a break from work and from the training/dieting has given me time to reflect on progress so far and it seems a good idea to capture those thoughts now so I can look back and to this point if im struggling in the future.

The Good:
I went shopping yesterday and everything I tried on was a size 16 and fitted so that is a result as I was an 18-20 when I started. I'm sort of starting to figure out what my style is (or could be). And realising that it's okay for me not to wear floaty floral dresses or cutting edge fashion if that's not what suits me. I'm more of a preppy/layering/slightly sporty chick and have started finding clothes from brands I couldn't fit into before like Musto, Saltwater, Crew Clothing etc.
I've fallen in love with mountain biking again, enjoy running and have started to feel a lot stronger from all the training sessions. I feel like my old self again and proud of what my body can do and that's still with carrying an extra 3 stone so I can only imagine what it will be like when that physical and emotional ballast has gone.
I've made some new friends and socialised a lot more. Basically stopped hiding away.

The Bad:
Getting a bit of confidence back has made me question some of the other areas in my life and I'm not sure what to do about that so for now am just trying to enjoy the present and will park those particular worries until I'm further towards my goals. I don't want to make rash decisions whilst I'm still in the process of changing.

I still eat way too much cheese and drink too much. I'm definitely still trying to get the balance right between getting out more/having fun and still maintaining a steady weight loss.

The Ugly:
Scales obsession:
I couldn't bring myself to get on the scales yesterday as I can guarantee I haven't stayed the same during my holiday as I really did eat and drink whatever I liked for seven days. It was fantastic to get away from scales for a week which shows how much of an obsession I have developed. I hate that my mood is entirely dictated by what they say. My primary goals when I started this was to get fit and be able to buy nice clothes so why have I become so hung up one measurement? I simply cannot stop weighing myself daily so I am wondering if I should just throw my scales away and just get weighed by my personal trainer every 4 weeks when he also does all the other measurements. Any advice from you seasoned weight loss experts?

So my advice to myself for the next Phase:
Cut alcohol right back again
Exercise every day
Stretch every night
Make an effort with clothes/hair every day even when you can't be arsed- you know it makes you feel better
Fewer carbs, more protein
Drink lots of water


Victoria said...

You have done so well and reflecting on the good stuff as well as the bad is something we all should do.

For the scale advice I think its a good idea to stop obsessing over it. I used to do exactly the same and it was driving me crazy, its not healthy so maybe a once every 4 weeks would suit you.

I also agree with the making an effort with hair and clothing, it is hard when losing weight and clothes getting bigger and looking baggy but I always feel a bit better when I make an effort with my hair and makeup every day.

Good luck for next phase, looking forward to reading your progress, keep up the good work, I'm sure your 'the bad' list wont be there next time.


Ruby said...

I could have pretty much written your post word for word for myself, so I know how you feel!

With the weighing thing, it's difficult to get a balance. It's obviously not healthy to weigh every day if it's becoming an obsession, but I know that from experience if I don't keep a check on it at least once a week, I am liable to relax too much and then I won't see the results I want or deserve. Like you noticed, it's very liberating not having to think about the scales. For me it'd be too tempting to spend the first three weeks of every month having this and that as 'it won't hurt' then panic-dieting for the last week. So what I am doing is officially recording my weight once a month, but doing a casual once a week weigh in to check in on it. That seems to work better for me psychologically!

Hetty said...

Vics - Thanks for the encouragement it helps a lot :) Hey maybe I should get back into recording my stats as I love reading yours. I'll just avoid the weight stats for a bit!

Ruby - you make a really good point about the danger of being slack for 3 weeks and then doing panic starvation in the last week! It's like you're reading my subconscious mind! :) This morning I threw my scales away after having stood in front of them in the bathroom for what seemed like an eternity and managing not to step onto them. (It's bin day too so I can't get them back out when I get home!). So now I can only get weighed at the personal training once a week with the official result every 4 weeks. Thanks for the advice.

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