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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fun in the sun

I eventually got a whole 3 hours sleep so felt shattered when I got to the course at 9:30am (having got lost several times on the way). However the sun was out it was really warm and my instructor was great so it was worth it all. We did a lot of work on dealing with fear, not using brakes so much and (contrary to a lot of previous advice) not hanging back off the saddle on drop offs, steps etc. This felt odd the first few times as it gets drummed into you to get your weight as far back as you can. But with a more central position I felt much more in control and was able to move my body around more to balance. It will be interesting to try it on my local trails.

When I got home I played around on the bike for a bit and then sat in the sun with a Bacardi and diet cherry coke (yum!). The weather made so much difference I'm glad I didn't go home (I had the car packed!). I do now have lobster red arms complete with bike glove tan line though!


starfish264 said...

Ooooh - I'm so jealous - sounds great!! Well, apart from the lack of sleep which would have made me severely grumpy! Where did you do your course? I really want to do one, although I might need a more beginner-y one than you! :o)

Hetty said...

I went with He does beginners courses too with bunkhouse accommodation included. But I think I remember reading you've done quite a bit of biking already so you'd be alright doing the girls skills courses. Think he's planning a girls riding weekend too in summer for varying abilities with more guided riding than just skills work. I get too scared on anything proper downhilly and start imagining how much the dental repairs will cost if I fall off! :)

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