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Monday, 4 April 2011

Fed up

Holiday turning out a bit turdy. So disappointed! But desperately trying to look at the bright side....err...explosive diarrhoea = weight loss and feeling homesick actually means that the Peak District has started to feel like home to me afterall. Now trying to figure out how I can go home early without massively offending everyone. I just can't face another 4 nights of crap sleep due to screaming baby, snoring men and numerous trips to the toilet (Or 'shittle runs' as I call them). :(


Ruby said...

Can you just tell them that you are feeling really poorly, and ham it up a bit? I don't think anyone would blame you for going home early if you feel unwell. Feel better soon!

jumbly said...

Being ill is bad enough. Being ill without the comforts of your own bed and bathroom is even worse. I would never mind somebody heading home if they were ill. I'm sure the people you're away with will understand. Go home is my advice.

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