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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Brightening up

Despite another rubbish night of sleep I'm feeling a lot better today as am fully in control of my bowels. Sorry for my whinge yesterday and thanks for the comments. Sleep deprivation does funny things to the mind. I can see why they use it as a torture method! Turns out it was some tiger prawns that caused the stomach upset so think I'll be avoiding shellfish for a while.
However despite the terrible weather I've managed to get out exercising every day. Im booked on a mountain bike course all day tomorrow and the forecast shows sunshine. Fingers crossed!!


Victoria said...

Glad your feeling better hun, I hope your bike course goes well tomorrow :-D xx

Bumble said...

I've been unlucky and had food poisoning from prawns about 3 times now so you have my sympathy!
Its a bit of a bugger though as I absolutely love shellfish! I tend to steer clear of prawn mayo sarnies, prawns in salad buffet bars and no longer get reduced seafood in the supermarket!

Hope you recover soon!

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