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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bootcamp and melons

Well I've not done very well with blogging regularly have I?! The last week has flown by and I'm just hanging in there until the long bank holiday weekend starts. My week off work holidaying in wales seems like forever ago but to be quite honest it was a bit of a pants holiday so im happy to let those memories fade.  This weekend I'll enjoy staying at home with no sleep deprivation, no crying baby and no lectures from wine snobs. 
Well I say no sleep deprivation but I seem to be waking up at 3:30am this week and not being able to get back to sleep due to all the stuff whizzing around my head. But hey it gives me extra time to blog and catch up on emails so gotta look at the bright side.

My eating hasn't exactly been brilliant since my last post and I also haven't been stellar at cutting back on the wine. But I've had more diet mixers (which were supposed to replace the wine) does that count?! ;)  

Exercise is going really well though as I've started going to bootcamp (outdoor circuit training class) twice a week run by my trainer Jon. I've really enjoyed being outdoors and it's fun sharing the suffering with other people. Hopefully i can make some new local friends too.
I was SO stiff after the first session last Saturday but I kind of like that feeling as it's a constant reminder during the day that you've pushed yourself. The class is in a park a very hilly bike ride from home. Today I cycled there but got a lift back as I wasnt sure if i'd be able to get home before dark. But on Saturday morning I'll cycle home after the session so I can work out how long it takes. It's steep uphill for about the first 20mins but I can take my time. There was a great atmosphere in the park today with people jogging, football matches, hot air balloons taking off and of course the glorious weather. I could almost imagine I was in Central Park instead of Bakewell!  Okay, maybe not!

A minor victory today was managing a set of kettlebell swings with the 20kg bell. Next target is to be able to do three full sets with 20kg on all the variations. 

 I've just realised I've been doing the class with only one bra on so I can officially turn that goal on the left menu green.  Whoo hooooo I am no longer disabling myself with my massive melons!! :)

Since I threw my scales away last week I don't know how bad the damage was from my 'March madness'. All my smaller clothes still fit fine, so it can't be that bad, but I definitely need to get back on track with my eating to get that fat shifting again. I think I'll do one more week of gut-busting exercise and then get Jon to do my weight. At least if it's not good news the body fat and tape measures may still be improving and lessen the blow!

Unfortunately my jog buddy Liz has a back injury so can't run anymore. She's happy to go walking at lunch instead so my plan is to do one lap walking and then another jogging on my own. However my weekly schedule is looking a bit lacking in rest days so perhaps I should just be walking rather than jogging:

Monday - bike to PT 
Tuesday - walk/jog
Wednesday - bike to bootcamp
Thurs - walk/jog
Fri - bike to PT
Sat - bike to bootcamp
Sun - long hike

One thing I've noticed is how much extra laundry you create with exercising?! Whatever money I'm saving on petrol by biking to the sessions will be ploughed back into stocks of Persil and the water bill!

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Victoria said...

Yey to the boot camp, good on ya for getting to them, I'm gutted mine have finished.

I always think wow I have so much more washing since working out like a mad woman, in fact I think I have more workout clothes that fit me that I do regular clothes at the minute, madness! You also cant just leave it sat in the washing basket either as it stinks so I feel like I always have the washer on.

Have a good week chic x

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