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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week 12 Weigh-in

3.5lbs off this week which means I've passed the 1.5 stone lost target and am tantalisingly close to leaving the 14s behind forever.  14.0000 on the scales so just another ounce to see 13 (and yes I tried all the tricks to get it that tiny bit lower - toilet, shaving legs, plucking eyebrows!).  I just have to see 13 something by the next weigh in!
From there on the next target is 2 stone lost, a mere 5lbs away.  ! 

I'm absolutely shattered after a fantastic Team Bimbo reunion last night with waaayyy too much wine and then a fab bike ride today where I could really feel the difference from not carrying the 23lbs extra weight I had the last time I did a proper ride.  I'm still really slow on the climbs but had helpful encouragement from my patient riding buddies and I'm really excited about how much easier it will be when another 23lbs has buggered off. In the meantime I just need to get out on the bike as often as possible to get my leg strength back and more confidence on the downhills.  I think I'll take my bike to work a few times over the next fortnight and do lunchtime rides in preparation for my holiday.

Gonna have to go to bed.  Pooped! :)


Victoria said...

Fan-bloody-tastic, well done, that is a great loss and you should be so proud :-D

I'm sure you will get into the 13's next week, I will be routing for you.

Have a good week hun and get on your bike!


Petra said...

What a fantastic loss! Congrats!

Wish I had your drive.

And the biking sounds like so much fun.


Bumble said...

well done on the fab weigh in result!

I wish I was brave enough to get a bike and actually ride it out and about! The spinning bike at the gym is my limit!

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