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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Saturday, 5 March 2011

I'm so excited, ooh eee, and I just can't hide it, no no no no noooo

All sorts of exciting things going on! Unfortunately they are not scale related as they showed me staying the same this week despite 2 runs, 2 hikes, 2 training sessions and a bike ride. But it seems to happen like that after a good week of 3lbs loss i tend to stay the same the following one.I'dd much rather have a linear loss of 1.5lbs a week so I can keep seeing the number fall but that's just not how it works! I just realised this is my 10th week so 20lbs lost so far is a sensible rate.
It was my birthday on Thursday and I woke up feeling particularly old and fat. I was especially grumpy about having to go to work. However as i drove over the top of the hills glorious sunshine broke through and my mood lifted. I went for a run at lunch with Liz even though I could have used my birthday as an excuse to cop out. I even made it up the big hill in one go and at the top shouted "I'M NOT OLD AND I'M SLIGHTLY LESS FAT THAN I WAS TWO MONTHS AGO!".

I booked Friday off work to enjoy a longer weekend and relax. So I lay in bed reading until lunchtime, right?


I got up and cycled to my training session at 7am in freezing fog and drizzle!!! Makes me realise that the training sessions are actually enjoyable and something I would choose to do on a day off. Amazing?! It was, however, not a good idea to cycle back in my shorts as by the time I got home my legs were day-glo pink and completely numb. It must have looked odd seeing as I had a big ski jacket and hat on my top-half!
After I thawed out we went off to the shops in Buxton where I managed to get two pairs of size 16 jeans done up. The muffin-top was completely unacceptable though so I'm not there yet, but for the first time I could really see a difference in the mirror.

I'm not very adventurous with clothes and dont really have a style at all so i can see exciting times ahead trying new things when ive got to a size 14 or so. My big sister Susy always looks amazingly stylish, she is an inspiration. She's doing really well losing weight too so we've said we'll go clothes shopping together in June when we should both be ready for new wardrobes.

Other exciting news is we've booked a cottage in Wales in April with some friends. It's a gorgeous barn in the middle of brilliant hiking and mountain biking country so loads of exercise options. I woke up at 4:30am with a gazillion ideas of things to do so had a massive googling and list-making session. Only 27 more sleeps to go and hopefully another half a stone lost by then.

Right, thats it! I'm so excited I'm going to have to get up and go running now so will continue with other news later.....

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