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Friday, 11 March 2011


Why is it when you've got heaps of work to do for a looming deadline your brain decides to wake you up at 1:30am and not let you get back to sleep? It's 5am now and I might aswell give up and start work but I'm staying at my parents and don't want to wake them up. I've got a 45min drive to make personal training at 7:45 and then straight back to work. I start the 'power' phase today but would much rather it be the 'snooze' phase. Maybe it will wake me up.

Whilst lying awake worrying about work I've also been beating myself up for a rubbish week on the eating and exercise front. I was determined not to let the work deadline derail things but it's been difficult working long hours, not sleeping well and staying away from home. I've eaten sporadically and had quite a lot of crap like crisps and cheese and a few glasses of wine. Although I guess it could have been a lot worse.
I haven't had any time during the day to run with Liz either. Can't say I've missed the actual running part but I've definitely missed feeling good afterwards and getting a break from my desk.

Can't face the thought of getting on the scales tomorrow. It could well be my first gain since I started and I will just be gutted.


Bumble said...

Its too easy to beat yourself up when you have a few slip ups and forget all the good stuff you did do. I'm the same when it comes to stressful times at work, all best laid plans go out of the window. All we can do is try!

Hetty said...

Hi Bumble. Yes you're right I think I need to find the balance between keeping myself motivated to stay on track but not being overly strict or harsh about slips. It takes a lot of concentration this doesn't it?! :)

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