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Thursday, 31 March 2011

3 more hours in work and then I'm freeeeeeeeee!

Ooh I've not had time to blog much since the last time.  Had a great weekend celebrating nephew George's 1st birthday with my family (way too much cheese) and since then have been trying to do two weeks worth of work in 4 days before going on holiday to Wales tomorrow.  Hooorrahh!

This'll be my first proper holiday since April 2010 so well overdue.  And that last holiday was a horrendous catalogue of disasters including a chest infection, friendship fallout and icelandic volcano forcing us to endure a 28hr coach trip home (with a chest infection).  Here's hoping mountain biking in Wales is slightly more relaxing eh?

Unfortunately two weekends of partying have taken their toll (OK the partying crept into Thurs and Monday aswell) and the scales tell the tale with a 3lb gain today (I won't be able to weigh-in on Saturday).  Oops.  Well I guess I had to have a gain eventually and I enjoyed every ounce of it.  But I've kept up with the exercise and am feeling better each time I go out on the bike. I even brought it to work with me for lunchtime rides like I promised to. 

My aim for the holiday week is to stay the same.  I think that's realistic as the people we're going with are real foodies and amazing cooks so, let's be honest, I'm gonna eat some gorgeous food.  BUT I figure if I control the portions and choose wisely when we eat out then I can enjoy myself and counteract it with humongous amounts of biking, hiking and running around with Harry the black labrador.
The barn we're renting is in the middle of nowhere with bridleways from the door and three different mountain bike parks within range so plenty to enjoy.  I've booked a day of 1:1 bike skills tuition too as I think it will help me regain some of the confidence I lost during my extended stay in Chubbyville. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get on the internet whilst I'm away and post some piccies of (no doubt rainy) mid-Wales.

Toodle-pip! :) 


Victoria said...

Don't worry to much about your gain, like you say you enjoyed every minute of it.

Have a good holiday, enjoy the biking and all the great food. Will look forward to the piccs, and will have my fingers crossed for good weather for you xx

Petra said...

Have a lovely time.


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