LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, 31 March 2011

3 more hours in work and then I'm freeeeeeeeee!

Ooh I've not had time to blog much since the last time.  Had a great weekend celebrating nephew George's 1st birthday with my family (way too much cheese) and since then have been trying to do two weeks worth of work in 4 days before going on holiday to Wales tomorrow.  Hooorrahh!

This'll be my first proper holiday since April 2010 so well overdue.  And that last holiday was a horrendous catalogue of disasters including a chest infection, friendship fallout and icelandic volcano forcing us to endure a 28hr coach trip home (with a chest infection).  Here's hoping mountain biking in Wales is slightly more relaxing eh?

Unfortunately two weekends of partying have taken their toll (OK the partying crept into Thurs and Monday aswell) and the scales tell the tale with a 3lb gain today (I won't be able to weigh-in on Saturday).  Oops.  Well I guess I had to have a gain eventually and I enjoyed every ounce of it.  But I've kept up with the exercise and am feeling better each time I go out on the bike. I even brought it to work with me for lunchtime rides like I promised to. 

My aim for the holiday week is to stay the same.  I think that's realistic as the people we're going with are real foodies and amazing cooks so, let's be honest, I'm gonna eat some gorgeous food.  BUT I figure if I control the portions and choose wisely when we eat out then I can enjoy myself and counteract it with humongous amounts of biking, hiking and running around with Harry the black labrador.
The barn we're renting is in the middle of nowhere with bridleways from the door and three different mountain bike parks within range so plenty to enjoy.  I've booked a day of 1:1 bike skills tuition too as I think it will help me regain some of the confidence I lost during my extended stay in Chubbyville. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get on the internet whilst I'm away and post some piccies of (no doubt rainy) mid-Wales.

Toodle-pip! :) 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

More Pics

15st 9lbs                                                                     Around 15 I think

14st 0lbs

I can see my moonface has shrunk a bit. 

But still a long way to go to where I was 3 years ago in the 12s with only one chin:

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Week 12 Weigh-in

3.5lbs off this week which means I've passed the 1.5 stone lost target and am tantalisingly close to leaving the 14s behind forever.  14.0000 on the scales so just another ounce to see 13 (and yes I tried all the tricks to get it that tiny bit lower - toilet, shaving legs, plucking eyebrows!).  I just have to see 13 something by the next weigh in!
From there on the next target is 2 stone lost, a mere 5lbs away.  ! 

I'm absolutely shattered after a fantastic Team Bimbo reunion last night with waaayyy too much wine and then a fab bike ride today where I could really feel the difference from not carrying the 23lbs extra weight I had the last time I did a proper ride.  I'm still really slow on the climbs but had helpful encouragement from my patient riding buddies and I'm really excited about how much easier it will be when another 23lbs has buggered off. In the meantime I just need to get out on the bike as often as possible to get my leg strength back and more confidence on the downhills.  I think I'll take my bike to work a few times over the next fortnight and do lunchtime rides in preparation for my holiday.

Gonna have to go to bed.  Pooped! :)

Monday, 14 March 2011

Week 11 weigh-in and Measurements

Ooh where does the time go and imagine me sticking with something for more than 2 weeks?
Last Saturday's weigh in showed no loss but no gain so I sort of got away with stringing my birthday naughtiness out for 5 days but it is annoying to have stayed the same for too long now. All the stats are still moving in the right direction which is encouraging.
Jon attacked me with the callipers and tape measure this morning.

Here's the losses so far:
Bodyfat % -6.1%
Fat mass -8.8kg
Chest -3.25"
waist -5.5"
hips -3.25"
leg -3" per leg
Arm -1.5" per arm

My training now enters the power phase (By the power of greyskull, I HAVVVE THE POOOWWEEERRR!). I have to confess to being a tad hungover this morning after a cheeky Sunday afternoon cocktail session with an old friend. The idea was wed have lunch and a couple of drinks and then leave at 4:30pm. Fast forward to 7:30pm and I'm on the train platform doing a ZZ Top style send off to Amanda's train and wondering where the last three hours disappeared to. Oops. That'll be the cosmopolitans and slippery nipple effect. But hey I made it to PT at 7:15 and met my work deadline twelve hours later. Hooray!

Friday, 11 March 2011


After a frantic hours drive effing and jeffing whilst stuck behind the worlds slowest drivers I arrived (late) to training and survived it. Hopefully I can surf the endorphins for a while and then stay awake with copious amounts of tea.
Funny how everything seems 100 times worse at 3am?  With my (slightly) clearer head on I see I'm being a tad harsh on myself for slipping a bit this week.  I've still done a run, two walks and two training sessions so it's hardly a collosal failure.  I haven't had a takeaway or pinot grigio'd myself to sleep so it could have been worse. Jon pointed out I can't be perfect every week and as long as I'm moving in the right direction overall it's OK.  Thanks Jon :)

Best get on with all this work then.....


Why is it when you've got heaps of work to do for a looming deadline your brain decides to wake you up at 1:30am and not let you get back to sleep? It's 5am now and I might aswell give up and start work but I'm staying at my parents and don't want to wake them up. I've got a 45min drive to make personal training at 7:45 and then straight back to work. I start the 'power' phase today but would much rather it be the 'snooze' phase. Maybe it will wake me up.

Whilst lying awake worrying about work I've also been beating myself up for a rubbish week on the eating and exercise front. I was determined not to let the work deadline derail things but it's been difficult working long hours, not sleeping well and staying away from home. I've eaten sporadically and had quite a lot of crap like crisps and cheese and a few glasses of wine. Although I guess it could have been a lot worse.
I haven't had any time during the day to run with Liz either. Can't say I've missed the actual running part but I've definitely missed feeling good afterwards and getting a break from my desk.

Can't face the thought of getting on the scales tomorrow. It could well be my first gain since I started and I will just be gutted.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Waaayyyy too much disclosure (sooo embarrassed)

I just accidentally displayed my weight-loss spreadsheet on the projector in a conference room of people in the UK and via an online meeting with people in the US and Sweden.  GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I opened it to update it this morning and then started another gazillion jobs so had multiple Excel windows open and totally forgot to close it.  I then opened up the wrong window in the meeting and saw with horror my weight displayed all over the wall.  I'm just praying they didn't work out what it was before I closed it down as the column heading just said 'Target' and 'Actual', no mention of weight.  And the figures were displayed as "14.03".  Although the fact that I gasped and went bright red whilst fumbling for the mouse might've given it away. 

Anyway I shall try to forget that ever happened.

I'm pretty apprehensive about getting on the scales on Saturday (weigh-in day seems to have become Saturday instead of Friday as I'm in a massive strop if it's bad news on a work day).  I've done lots of exercise but also ate loads of lovely jubbly food on Saturday to celebrate my birthday.  To be honest Friday night and Sunday day were a warm-up and warm-down in terms of pigging-out too so overall not a great weekend.  Having been stuck at the same weight for a fortnight I reallllly want to see a loss this week but not sure I've done enough.  Fingers crossed (and arse in gear).

Saturday, 5 March 2011

4 mile run!!

Ive no idea what happened but I just kept runnin'.
I'm Forest Trump!

I'm so excited, ooh eee, and I just can't hide it, no no no no noooo

All sorts of exciting things going on! Unfortunately they are not scale related as they showed me staying the same this week despite 2 runs, 2 hikes, 2 training sessions and a bike ride. But it seems to happen like that after a good week of 3lbs loss i tend to stay the same the following one.I'dd much rather have a linear loss of 1.5lbs a week so I can keep seeing the number fall but that's just not how it works! I just realised this is my 10th week so 20lbs lost so far is a sensible rate.
It was my birthday on Thursday and I woke up feeling particularly old and fat. I was especially grumpy about having to go to work. However as i drove over the top of the hills glorious sunshine broke through and my mood lifted. I went for a run at lunch with Liz even though I could have used my birthday as an excuse to cop out. I even made it up the big hill in one go and at the top shouted "I'M NOT OLD AND I'M SLIGHTLY LESS FAT THAN I WAS TWO MONTHS AGO!".

I booked Friday off work to enjoy a longer weekend and relax. So I lay in bed reading until lunchtime, right?


I got up and cycled to my training session at 7am in freezing fog and drizzle!!! Makes me realise that the training sessions are actually enjoyable and something I would choose to do on a day off. Amazing?! It was, however, not a good idea to cycle back in my shorts as by the time I got home my legs were day-glo pink and completely numb. It must have looked odd seeing as I had a big ski jacket and hat on my top-half!
After I thawed out we went off to the shops in Buxton where I managed to get two pairs of size 16 jeans done up. The muffin-top was completely unacceptable though so I'm not there yet, but for the first time I could really see a difference in the mirror.

I'm not very adventurous with clothes and dont really have a style at all so i can see exciting times ahead trying new things when ive got to a size 14 or so. My big sister Susy always looks amazingly stylish, she is an inspiration. She's doing really well losing weight too so we've said we'll go clothes shopping together in June when we should both be ready for new wardrobes.

Other exciting news is we've booked a cottage in Wales in April with some friends. It's a gorgeous barn in the middle of brilliant hiking and mountain biking country so loads of exercise options. I woke up at 4:30am with a gazillion ideas of things to do so had a massive googling and list-making session. Only 27 more sleeps to go and hopefully another half a stone lost by then.

Right, thats it! I'm so excited I'm going to have to get up and go running now so will continue with other news later.....