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Friday, 4 February 2011

Weigh-in 6 - Whoo hoooo 1 stone lost!

I was umming and ahhhing whether or not to step on the scales this morning (after the scales battery had been released by its keeper for my weekly weigh-in).  It was a bit of a gamble as if it had been bad news I would have been extra grumpy about having to wear a dress tonight.  But it was a 2lb loss which finally means I've officially lost that first stone.  I'm so relieved as had got myself in a panic that it wasn't working anymore and I'd be stuck at that figure for ever.

Emergency dress shopping went surprisingly well and I have this to wear tonight:

...and obviously I will look EXACTLY like she does so there's no point me taking an actual photo of myself.  Well....OK maybe I will after a few glasses of wine.
Unfortunately it wasn't in the sale so I've spent my hiking boots money but this is a nice reward.  It only just fits now with a lot of boob wrangling and breathing-in so at least I'll get to wear it for a while longer.  Still concerned about wearing heels without falling over so I'm taking some flat sandals for later in the evening when no one will notice.  I realised I've never seen Matt in a suit, shirt and tie and he hasn't shaved since July 2010 so it will be very odd pretending we're grown ups tonight (well, for at least the first 30mins).  I'm quite excited about getting dressed up. Hee hee! :)


starfish264 said...

Woooohooo - well done, that's fantastic getting to the stone marker (and if you're anything like me, it'll be just after this point that you'll start noticing the major changes in how your clothes fit - even more exciting). So pleased you found a dress to suit too - it's always the flipping way that when you *need* a dress there's not a nice, well-fitting one to be found anywhere. Enjoy your evening of playing grown-ups :o)

Victoria said...

Linked to your blog from starfish264 and woooohoo well done on your first 1 stone and that dress is so nice you will look a million dollars!

Looking forward to reading your progress.

Vics x

Hetty said...

Thanks both. Can't wait to mark the 1.5 stone goal as Done. Where's the fastforward button?
Hi Vics - you're blog looks great (I love all the stats!) so will enjoy reading it from the beginning. :)

Hetty said...

And yes you're right I have started to notice clothes feeling a bit looser even though I can't really see a difference in the mirror.

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