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Monday, 28 February 2011

Weigh-in 9

Quite astonishingly I forgot to weigh myself on Friday morning as I was rushing to a training session and then to work afterwards.  This gives me hope that I might be conquering my obsession with the scales a tiny bit!  I weighed in on Saturday but was a bit dubious about the 3lb loss they showed as I had already done some exercise that morning.  So I'm not really sure what I lost last week but it definitely wasn't a gain or staying the same.  If the 3lb loss is right then I'm finally under 200lbs and have only one more pound to go until I can turn that lovely 1.5stone lost goal on the left green.  3 more lbs gets me back in the 13s.  I don't think I will quite make it there by my birthday but I'm not far off.  I've got the day off on Friday so I need to arrange lots of exercise and try to limit the damage from any food and drink this weekend. 

I spent this morning flipping gigantic tyres and doing battling ropes with Jon which is a great way to start the day.  Very glad I didn't have breakfast beforehand though otherwise definitely would have chundered!

I did a couple of hikes at the weekend but couldn't bring myself to go out on the bike in the horizonal rain and wind.  Slightly concerned that I'm turning into a fair weather cyclist and may get sacked from Team Bimbo cycling team for being a wuss.

Ooh I've just realised it's nearly time for another shopping treat when I get to 1.5stone lost........ best get on the internet to find something non-food related.  Hurray! :)


Victoria said...

I think you should be pleased at the 3lbs and not worry about having exercised first. Your doing great and well done for your hikes, don't blame you for avoiding the rain it was pretty bad this weekend.

keep up the good work.
vics x

Linz M said...

Great loss! You make me feel exhausted just reading about your antics, I am shamed into attempting to exercise more!

Keep up the good work x

Hetty said...

Thanks Vics. I look forward to the day I look down at the scales and see the figure you're at. I will be over the moon and probably buy another pair of PJs to celebrate!

Hi Linz, I'm enjoying reading your blog. Don't get me wrong there are days I really can't be bothered exercising but if I just force myself to start it is guaranteed to cheer me up and make me feel better. Even cheese & wine can't claim that success rate!

T said...

You're doing a great job - keep it up.

I love reading your updates because they also keep me motivated too (to exercise, obviously, not keep my blog up to date. Ooops)
And don't worry about being kicked out of Team Bimbo. That's not going to happen - I'm the worst for not doing stuff if there's even the slightest hint of rain in the air.
It's nearly spring though, and with it those beautiful, sunny, warm days with a light breeze to just cool you enough. Or is that torrential rain and wind blowing a hoolie? I can never remember...
Anyway, keep it up, you're doing fantastically. :-)

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