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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, 18 February 2011

Weigh in 8

I'm exactly the same weight as last Friday, to the decimal point.  I'm OK with that as had quite a naughty weekend what with drinking injuries scuppering decent exercise (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I hit my head on the floor when I did my TJ Hooker Roll so had an even bigger headache the next day!). I also had quite a lot of cheese & biscuits, oops.  Having missed the glorious sunny Saturday due to hangover I did drag myself out for a hike in the horizontal rain on Sunday but it wasn't nearly enough exercise so I thought I might have put weight on this week.  Phew!

I've now got PT on Monday and Friday mornings 8am (ouch) but I'm really hoping that will be less stress as there's no chance of me letting work meetings make me late.  I do like getting the exercise done at the beginning of the day so I can avoid the dread and constant mind games that go on when I've planned to do something after work.  Another thing I'm going to try is using the exercise bike whilst watching telly in the evenings.  I won't be really going for it but just cycling away merrily.  Even if I've done a hard exercise session during the day it should help me have less stiffness and has to be better than just sitting there.  And seeing as it's costing us nearly £300 a month to heat the house it should save me a fortune keeping warm!
I expect cavity wall insulation, double glazing and loft insulation would be a better investment but that's not an option in a rented house.  I can't face moving house for a 4th time in 3 years so will stick it out at least until the end of summer and in the meantime try to figure out where to live next.  I'm like the Littlest Hobo of the Peak District me.


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