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Friday, 11 February 2011

Weigh-in 7

A luvvly jubbly 3lbs off this week which is ace seeing as I had two nights out last weekend with little exercise.  I've put extra effort into the exercise during the week and eaten well so it's good to know that I can have fun at the same time as staying on track. 

I've been doing more stretching and using a foam roller to massage my muscles. It's quite painful as you roll your muscle along a cylinder of very hard foam and when you find a really tender point you hold it there until you feel it release a bit.  It's a bit like having a massage, but a lot cheaper and doesn't involve being semi-naked and oiled up by a stranger ....which is always a bonus.

Some exciting mini-goals are on the horizon:  2 more lbs lost puts me under 200lbs, 4lbs gets me to 1.5 stone lost and 7lbs (or 6.00001lbs!) gets me the hell out of the 14stones and back into the 13s.  I really really want to try and get there by my birthday on the 3rd March. I spent quite a few years in the 13s.  The lightest I can remember being in the last decade was 12st 10lbs when I got married 4 years ago (not married anymore - long story!).  At the time I thought I was a great big fatty and would have been horrified if someone had told me I'd be 3 stone heavier in the future.

Once I get into the 12s it's all new territory.  I vaguely remember being in the upper end of the 11s when I was at uni doing sport nearly every day and living on a diet of cheap screwtop wine (which explains why it's a vague memory, that and the fact it's now 12 years ago)! 

I feel so excited about everything right now.  Instead of thinking "wouldn't it be great if one day...." there is no doubt in my mind that it's going to happen.  Hee hee! :)


Victoria said...

Well done on your loss, your doing so well. I'm sure you will hit your birthday target no problem.

Vics x

SusyL said...

Fantastic work last week Sis you are doing amazingly well! I put on a pound so you must have worked really hard at the exercising - keep off the wine though it's a potential death trap!!!

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