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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The ultimate in accountability....

I've just emailed by blog address to my personal trainer (Hi Jon!) so now this blog really will hold me to account.  I did briefly consider changing the last post photo of the wine and bagels to one of lettuce leaves, but that would be cheating!  Jon deserves a medal for being so patient with me changing my session dates/times so frequently and having just the right balance of ass-kicking motivation and kind encouragement.  While I'm giving out thanks a big one goes to Mum & Dad for their help that allowed me to afford more sessions.  So now it's just up to me to put every ounce of effort I have in.

I've been doing well since my last post on Saturday.  On Sunday I went to a park with my Dad and puppy Humphrey who is pictured below. He's a lot bigger and faster now than in that photo so I did a lot of running and jumping around.  They don't call 'em Springer spaniels for nothing.  It felt really good to be running around like a child, having fun without being so out of breath. 

Since then I've done a hike on Monday lunchtime, exercises in the evening.  A run on Tuesday lunch and biking/workout in the evening and another workout planned for tonight.  My birthday is a week tomorrow and I don't think I'm going to be able to hit my target of being back in the 13s by then but I'm giving it everything I've got and will get as close as I can.  It seems to work setting shorter-term goals so I'll have to add some more to my list on the left of the blog.  I keep thinking of new sports I've always wanted to try too so that list is going to get much longer.  Many of them involve being able to swim and it's about 10 years since I did that so I think I'll need to book a swim refresher lesson just in case I've forgotten.  It will of course also involve wearing a swimming costume which is the main reason I haven't swum for so long.


Jon Hall said...

Hi Heather,

You're doing fantastically. I have every faith that you'll get where you want to.

Keep it up.

Jon (Heather's Personal Trainer)

P.S. Would I be ok to share your blog with my clients and facebook followers to help motivate them?

Hetty said...

Thanks Jon. Yes of course share the blog link. I'll try not to post photos of wine again as that probably won't help! :)

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