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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I'm a laaydee!

So I tried on my friends dress and although it did fit (miracle stretchy size 14) it clung in all the wrong places even with my steel girder minimiser pants on so I am still dressless.  Well, I do have an oyster coloured dress from Oasis in my "bought-to-shrink-into" wardrobe section.  Once I'd blown the dust off it I did manage to get it zipped up but totally felt like Emily Howard:

Especially when I tried to walk in the shoes I'd borrowed.  Plus cream isn't exactly the most flattering colour.  I did take a photo thinking it would make a great 'before' photo but can't bring myself to post it on here yet.  Likewise I can't bring myself to post my actual weight. Silly I know as it's not like people in the world can't see that I'm big and I've probably told most of you reading this anyway just to check you didn't faint or start pointing and chanting "YOU ATE ALL THE PIES " at me in public.  Perhaps it's just that I can't bear to see it in print.  Maybe I'll pluck up the courage when I've lost a bit more and I'll never be anywhere near this weight again.

I've ordered a dress online that should arrive tomorrow so bloody hope that fits or I'll have to either suffer the cream dress or go shopping and there is a serious risk of a changing room injury if I use my usual technique of shutting my eyes whilst being in a state of undress in case I catch a glimpse of some horrific angle in the 360 degree mirrors.

Keep your fingers crossed for a dress miracle.

I did have to return my lovely knee length boots as they dug into my achilles so have found the prettiest hiking boots I can (not easy in a world of brown and black).  I actually get more excited about new hiking boots than lady shoes so fingers crossed these fit well.  Still have to wait until I've lost a full stone before I can get them.  COME OOOOON!

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Pedalling Polarcherry said...

keep at it! youre doing great

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