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Monday, 7 February 2011

Hideous 'Before' photo

Well seeing as I'm on a full disclosure roll ,feast your eyes on this!  Have you ever seen anyone more uncomfortable about wearing a dress?  You don't need to be a body language expert to pick up on the furrowed brow, the clenched fists and rigid shoulders.  Looking at my sad face I kind of want to give myself a hug and say don't worry you don't really have to go to the ball, just stay at home poppet.  This is the dress I didn't wear (a size 16 but v tight!).  I never got a photo of me in the black dress but it would be slightly less revolting, so this one shall be my 'before' photo.  I look forward to posting a photo when this dress is too big.  Oooh get me being all positive!  I also take comfort in the fact that I have narrow ankles so in theory there is a thin woman inside there somewhere trying to escape from her tomb of cheese.


starfish264 said...

Now STOP!!!! Stop being so hard on yourself - you might look like you feel uncomfortable in the dress, but you look fine - it's a pretty dress, and you've clearly got a figure that ain't half bad. So while you might be looking forward to seeing the dress get loose (which is an ace feeling), don't live life for when you're smaller - enjoy the good points now - you've got great legs, you've obviously got a waist, and not to be pervy, but you've got good boobs - don't beat yourself up!

Hetty said...

Ooh I've been naughty! ;) Hey that was quite positive for me but thanks for the telling off. I'm so used to taking the piss out of myself that I forget it might sound harsh. Promise I'm not beating myself up and I'm trying to focus on the good stuff to look forward to rather than regretting having spent so many years being unhappy but not bloomin' doing anything about it (okay, maybe I have been thinking about that a bit aswell!).

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