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Monday, 7 February 2011

Full disclosure

Well I had a fantastic weekend in terms of socialising and fun.  I managed not to succumb to the urge to eat lardy food to help my hangover on Saturday (thanks in large part to lovely Starfish's motivational blog post) and instead did a ton of housework.  I did not however go for a hike as planned and may possibly have fallen asleep in front of the TV in the afternoon too.  Oh and I had a bit of wine on Saturday night aswell.  Oops.  But no terrible eating.
On Sunday my sis came to visit and due to gale force winds and rain we didn't go hiking.  In the afternoon we went out to Buxton to see Sarah Millican.  I reckon I got a good abdominal workout from all the laughing.  Before the show we had a tex mex sharing platter so carb and fat-tastic.  Add on quite a few white wines and then a bowl of curry when we got home at 9:30pm and I was way over my calorie allowance.  But at least it was homemade curry and not an oily takeaway.  No rice or naan bread either.  Clutching at straws there I think so I'm going to have to kick ass between now and Friday  if I want to see any kind of loss on the scales. 

I'm going to have to get the hang of staying on track with exercise and eating when I've got social stuff at the weekend.  This weekend we might be having friends to stay so perhaps they key is to get up really early and do my bike or hike before they all wake up.  I don't want to eat different meals so it'll have to be about portion control and controlling the wine intake.  I still feel a bit like cancelling social events so that I can concentrate on doing well with this mission but I've got to learn to integrate the two as it would be a shame to put life on hold when I should be out there having fun.  I reckon I can get the balance right with a bit of practice.

Oh and in the interests of full disclosure - I weight 14stone 9lbs.  There, I said it.  At least I'm not 15stone 9lbs anymore and never will be again!  I've no idea what my ideal weight will turn out to be but I know I lose about a size in clothes with every stone lost and I'd be quite happy being a 12-14 instead of an 18.  Basically I just want to be able to buy clothes (especially biking and outdoor stuff) from any shop without having to be restricted to Alaskan mens clothes! 

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starfish264 said...

This made me laugh, as I'm about to write the exact same post on my own blog! And I am *seriously* considering cancelling social events, as much as I love my friends, as they do play havoc with my diet (and my wallet). Hmmm - I'm sure there's a compromise somewhere! Glad you dodged the hangover bullet! ;o)

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