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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Crack o' dawn

Mo' Naytch was kind enough to provide a couple of inches of snow overnight so I got up at 7am (I know?!!!) and went for a long hike. It was lovely having a bit of time to think. I love it when the snow deadens all the sounds and makes everything magical. I didn't see a soul for 7 miles. The good news is I've found a pair of boots that don't make my Achilles feel like snapping. The bad news is they're winter mountain boots so I'm going to look a right berk on the July walk. But if I'm slim by then I won't give a crap what people think and might just wear hotpants and a cowboy hat to complete the look!

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Victoria said...

lol, I wish I was there, my snowboard would be out and that snow would be taken advantage of. Well done for getting out at that ungodly hour when its not a work day!

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