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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bring me sunshine

Today was so gorgeously sunny I actually enjoyed the lunchtime run. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine does to lift your mood. We ran further than before, I felt like I could have done another lap and my jogging bottoms were falling down cos they're too big! If this is what it feels like after losing just a stone I am so excited to lose another three. It must be like floating along. No wonder the slim runners look all springy and bouncy whilst I plough a channel through the earth.

Last night I did my workout at 9pm whilst watching biggest loser. Big mistake as I was buzzing with endorphins so struggled to get to sleep later on. It literally took me an hour to wake up properly this morning which isn't like me at all. So no more late night pumping (fnar).

I've changed my personal training sessions to half an hour instead of an hour each week. That way I can afford to carry on for another 3 months and much closer to my goal. The idea is I do my stretching and warm-up on my own and then have a full-on session of him trying to make me cry and then I warm down on my own. I have to do another 2 workouts and 3 cardio sessions on my own in-between sessions so that should keep me on target.

To avoid too much temptation but not go back to being a recluse I've spread out my upcoming social events so there is only one each weekend. Hopefully all these tweaks to my lifestyle will add up to keep the weight coming off.

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starfish264 said...

Blimey - talk about an intense routine - you're making me feel tired! :o)

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