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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

8 week fitness assessment

I was kind of dreading tonight's training session as it has been a horrible week at work so far and no matter how much I try I am always in a mad rush to get home in time for the session. Plus by then I'm starving as haven't had time for a proper lunch. So note to self: make the time to get away from my desk at lunch and eat properly. I had a meeting at 2pm today where I had to present something and it puts me right off my food and means multiple trips to the loo. Perhaps I should start volunteering to do presentations more often to speed up the weight loss!
Anyway I digress. Today was 8 weeks since i started the personal training and I knew I was in trouble when I walked in and found Jon brandishing a pair of fat callipers menacingly.
Here's the stats so far:
Bodyfat down 3% (a third of the way to top of healthy range). Best loss on calliper measurement points was tricep with 12mm gone. As far as I'm concerned the rest of the remaining bingo wings can sod off aswell as quickly as possible!
Fat mass down 5.5kg. I may go to the supermarket and load a basket with that much lard as Im struggling to see a difference and that might help.
Tape measures:
Waist 4" loss
Chest 2.25" (they'll be the last to shrink!)
Hips 3"
Leg 2" each
Arm 1" each
It was just the boost I needed as motivation has been waning a little this week. There is still a long way to go and if I'm honest with myself I've only been putting in 60% of the effort I could.
I've changed my sessions to mornings so I don't have to worry about leaving work on time. I have been feeling a bit lost about some aspects of my life recently and don't want this fitness plan to go off track so now is the time to up my game and put much more effort in.

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