LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, 28 February 2011

Weigh-in 9

Quite astonishingly I forgot to weigh myself on Friday morning as I was rushing to a training session and then to work afterwards.  This gives me hope that I might be conquering my obsession with the scales a tiny bit!  I weighed in on Saturday but was a bit dubious about the 3lb loss they showed as I had already done some exercise that morning.  So I'm not really sure what I lost last week but it definitely wasn't a gain or staying the same.  If the 3lb loss is right then I'm finally under 200lbs and have only one more pound to go until I can turn that lovely 1.5stone lost goal on the left green.  3 more lbs gets me back in the 13s.  I don't think I will quite make it there by my birthday but I'm not far off.  I've got the day off on Friday so I need to arrange lots of exercise and try to limit the damage from any food and drink this weekend. 

I spent this morning flipping gigantic tyres and doing battling ropes with Jon which is a great way to start the day.  Very glad I didn't have breakfast beforehand though otherwise definitely would have chundered!

I did a couple of hikes at the weekend but couldn't bring myself to go out on the bike in the horizonal rain and wind.  Slightly concerned that I'm turning into a fair weather cyclist and may get sacked from Team Bimbo cycling team for being a wuss.

Ooh I've just realised it's nearly time for another shopping treat when I get to 1.5stone lost........ best get on the internet to find something non-food related.  Hurray! :)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The ultimate in accountability....

I've just emailed by blog address to my personal trainer (Hi Jon!) so now this blog really will hold me to account.  I did briefly consider changing the last post photo of the wine and bagels to one of lettuce leaves, but that would be cheating!  Jon deserves a medal for being so patient with me changing my session dates/times so frequently and having just the right balance of ass-kicking motivation and kind encouragement.  While I'm giving out thanks a big one goes to Mum & Dad for their help that allowed me to afford more sessions.  So now it's just up to me to put every ounce of effort I have in.

I've been doing well since my last post on Saturday.  On Sunday I went to a park with my Dad and puppy Humphrey who is pictured below. He's a lot bigger and faster now than in that photo so I did a lot of running and jumping around.  They don't call 'em Springer spaniels for nothing.  It felt really good to be running around like a child, having fun without being so out of breath. 

Since then I've done a hike on Monday lunchtime, exercises in the evening.  A run on Tuesday lunch and biking/workout in the evening and another workout planned for tonight.  My birthday is a week tomorrow and I don't think I'm going to be able to hit my target of being back in the 13s by then but I'm giving it everything I've got and will get as close as I can.  It seems to work setting shorter-term goals so I'll have to add some more to my list on the left of the blog.  I keep thinking of new sports I've always wanted to try too so that list is going to get much longer.  Many of them involve being able to swim and it's about 10 years since I did that so I think I'll need to book a swim refresher lesson just in case I've forgotten.  It will of course also involve wearing a swimming costume which is the main reason I haven't swum for so long.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

I earnt this....

Crack o' dawn

Mo' Naytch was kind enough to provide a couple of inches of snow overnight so I got up at 7am (I know?!!!) and went for a long hike. It was lovely having a bit of time to think. I love it when the snow deadens all the sounds and makes everything magical. I didn't see a soul for 7 miles. The good news is I've found a pair of boots that don't make my Achilles feel like snapping. The bad news is they're winter mountain boots so I'm going to look a right berk on the July walk. But if I'm slim by then I won't give a crap what people think and might just wear hotpants and a cowboy hat to complete the look!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Weigh in 8

I'm exactly the same weight as last Friday, to the decimal point.  I'm OK with that as had quite a naughty weekend what with drinking injuries scuppering decent exercise (oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I hit my head on the floor when I did my TJ Hooker Roll so had an even bigger headache the next day!). I also had quite a lot of cheese & biscuits, oops.  Having missed the glorious sunny Saturday due to hangover I did drag myself out for a hike in the horizontal rain on Sunday but it wasn't nearly enough exercise so I thought I might have put weight on this week.  Phew!

I've now got PT on Monday and Friday mornings 8am (ouch) but I'm really hoping that will be less stress as there's no chance of me letting work meetings make me late.  I do like getting the exercise done at the beginning of the day so I can avoid the dread and constant mind games that go on when I've planned to do something after work.  Another thing I'm going to try is using the exercise bike whilst watching telly in the evenings.  I won't be really going for it but just cycling away merrily.  Even if I've done a hard exercise session during the day it should help me have less stiffness and has to be better than just sitting there.  And seeing as it's costing us nearly £300 a month to heat the house it should save me a fortune keeping warm!
I expect cavity wall insulation, double glazing and loft insulation would be a better investment but that's not an option in a rented house.  I can't face moving house for a 4th time in 3 years so will stick it out at least until the end of summer and in the meantime try to figure out where to live next.  I'm like the Littlest Hobo of the Peak District me.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

8 week fitness assessment

I was kind of dreading tonight's training session as it has been a horrible week at work so far and no matter how much I try I am always in a mad rush to get home in time for the session. Plus by then I'm starving as haven't had time for a proper lunch. So note to self: make the time to get away from my desk at lunch and eat properly. I had a meeting at 2pm today where I had to present something and it puts me right off my food and means multiple trips to the loo. Perhaps I should start volunteering to do presentations more often to speed up the weight loss!
Anyway I digress. Today was 8 weeks since i started the personal training and I knew I was in trouble when I walked in and found Jon brandishing a pair of fat callipers menacingly.
Here's the stats so far:
Bodyfat down 3% (a third of the way to top of healthy range). Best loss on calliper measurement points was tricep with 12mm gone. As far as I'm concerned the rest of the remaining bingo wings can sod off aswell as quickly as possible!
Fat mass down 5.5kg. I may go to the supermarket and load a basket with that much lard as Im struggling to see a difference and that might help.
Tape measures:
Waist 4" loss
Chest 2.25" (they'll be the last to shrink!)
Hips 3"
Leg 2" each
Arm 1" each
It was just the boost I needed as motivation has been waning a little this week. There is still a long way to go and if I'm honest with myself I've only been putting in 60% of the effort I could.
I've changed my sessions to mornings so I don't have to worry about leaving work on time. I have been feeling a bit lost about some aspects of my life recently and don't want this fitness plan to go off track so now is the time to up my game and put much more effort in.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

If it wasn't for that pesky pinot grigio I woulda got away with it....

I was a bit giddy when I got home from work last night as I had survived a couple of scary meetings and even managed to deliver a presentation without hyperventilating. To celebrate I decided to treat myself to some lovely wine.

My first mistake was opening said wine a tad early at 6pm. Far worse was my failure to appreciate some dangerous side-effects of this fitness plan I'm on. For starters I seem to have become a bit more of a lightweight on the booze front, causing me to spend far too little time on 'Tipsy Avenue' before swerving violently into 'Shitfaced Drive'. I also have heaps more energy now so my safety net of falling asleep before getting too drunk didn't work and I was still dancing around the bedroom at midnight. However by far the most dangerous error was failing to remember that my legs are now much more powerful so when I decided to TJ Hooker roll across the bed (as you do) the extra spring caused me to skip across the bed like a bouncing bomb and become completely wedged on the floor in the gap between the bed and the wall. I then completed my humiliation by having a giggling fit so bad that I let a little trump out.
I really think my personal trainer should have warned me about these dangers!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Weigh-in 7

A luvvly jubbly 3lbs off this week which is ace seeing as I had two nights out last weekend with little exercise.  I've put extra effort into the exercise during the week and eaten well so it's good to know that I can have fun at the same time as staying on track. 

I've been doing more stretching and using a foam roller to massage my muscles. It's quite painful as you roll your muscle along a cylinder of very hard foam and when you find a really tender point you hold it there until you feel it release a bit.  It's a bit like having a massage, but a lot cheaper and doesn't involve being semi-naked and oiled up by a stranger ....which is always a bonus.

Some exciting mini-goals are on the horizon:  2 more lbs lost puts me under 200lbs, 4lbs gets me to 1.5 stone lost and 7lbs (or 6.00001lbs!) gets me the hell out of the 14stones and back into the 13s.  I really really want to try and get there by my birthday on the 3rd March. I spent quite a few years in the 13s.  The lightest I can remember being in the last decade was 12st 10lbs when I got married 4 years ago (not married anymore - long story!).  At the time I thought I was a great big fatty and would have been horrified if someone had told me I'd be 3 stone heavier in the future.

Once I get into the 12s it's all new territory.  I vaguely remember being in the upper end of the 11s when I was at uni doing sport nearly every day and living on a diet of cheap screwtop wine (which explains why it's a vague memory, that and the fact it's now 12 years ago)! 

I feel so excited about everything right now.  Instead of thinking "wouldn't it be great if one day...." there is no doubt in my mind that it's going to happen.  Hee hee! :)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bring me sunshine

Today was so gorgeously sunny I actually enjoyed the lunchtime run. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine does to lift your mood. We ran further than before, I felt like I could have done another lap and my jogging bottoms were falling down cos they're too big! If this is what it feels like after losing just a stone I am so excited to lose another three. It must be like floating along. No wonder the slim runners look all springy and bouncy whilst I plough a channel through the earth.

Last night I did my workout at 9pm whilst watching biggest loser. Big mistake as I was buzzing with endorphins so struggled to get to sleep later on. It literally took me an hour to wake up properly this morning which isn't like me at all. So no more late night pumping (fnar).

I've changed my personal training sessions to half an hour instead of an hour each week. That way I can afford to carry on for another 3 months and much closer to my goal. The idea is I do my stretching and warm-up on my own and then have a full-on session of him trying to make me cry and then I warm down on my own. I have to do another 2 workouts and 3 cardio sessions on my own in-between sessions so that should keep me on target.

To avoid too much temptation but not go back to being a recluse I've spread out my upcoming social events so there is only one each weekend. Hopefully all these tweaks to my lifestyle will add up to keep the weight coming off.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Hideous 'Before' photo

Well seeing as I'm on a full disclosure roll ,feast your eyes on this!  Have you ever seen anyone more uncomfortable about wearing a dress?  You don't need to be a body language expert to pick up on the furrowed brow, the clenched fists and rigid shoulders.  Looking at my sad face I kind of want to give myself a hug and say don't worry you don't really have to go to the ball, just stay at home poppet.  This is the dress I didn't wear (a size 16 but v tight!).  I never got a photo of me in the black dress but it would be slightly less revolting, so this one shall be my 'before' photo.  I look forward to posting a photo when this dress is too big.  Oooh get me being all positive!  I also take comfort in the fact that I have narrow ankles so in theory there is a thin woman inside there somewhere trying to escape from her tomb of cheese.

Full disclosure

Well I had a fantastic weekend in terms of socialising and fun.  I managed not to succumb to the urge to eat lardy food to help my hangover on Saturday (thanks in large part to lovely Starfish's motivational blog post) and instead did a ton of housework.  I did not however go for a hike as planned and may possibly have fallen asleep in front of the TV in the afternoon too.  Oh and I had a bit of wine on Saturday night aswell.  Oops.  But no terrible eating.
On Sunday my sis came to visit and due to gale force winds and rain we didn't go hiking.  In the afternoon we went out to Buxton to see Sarah Millican.  I reckon I got a good abdominal workout from all the laughing.  Before the show we had a tex mex sharing platter so carb and fat-tastic.  Add on quite a few white wines and then a bowl of curry when we got home at 9:30pm and I was way over my calorie allowance.  But at least it was homemade curry and not an oily takeaway.  No rice or naan bread either.  Clutching at straws there I think so I'm going to have to kick ass between now and Friday  if I want to see any kind of loss on the scales. 

I'm going to have to get the hang of staying on track with exercise and eating when I've got social stuff at the weekend.  This weekend we might be having friends to stay so perhaps they key is to get up really early and do my bike or hike before they all wake up.  I don't want to eat different meals so it'll have to be about portion control and controlling the wine intake.  I still feel a bit like cancelling social events so that I can concentrate on doing well with this mission but I've got to learn to integrate the two as it would be a shame to put life on hold when I should be out there having fun.  I reckon I can get the balance right with a bit of practice.

Oh and in the interests of full disclosure - I weight 14stone 9lbs.  There, I said it.  At least I'm not 15stone 9lbs anymore and never will be again!  I've no idea what my ideal weight will turn out to be but I know I lose about a size in clothes with every stone lost and I'd be quite happy being a 12-14 instead of an 18.  Basically I just want to be able to buy clothes (especially biking and outdoor stuff) from any shop without having to be restricted to Alaskan mens clothes! 

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Fuzzy head and flashbacks

Well thank god that's over! Last night was a fancy shmancy dinner to reward about 200 people who have worked for the company for 20-40 years. I have worked there for a paltry 10yrs but Matt has done 20 ("Maan and boy, hardest game in the world, jumpers for goalposts").  
So I get home from work at 5pm and have a whole 1hr 50mins to get ready before the taxi arrives at 6:50. No worries, loads of time- enjoy yourself and take a leisurely two hours sipping wine and doing girlie getting ready type stuff and be ready at least 15mins early.

I honestly dont know what happened but somehow at 6:30 I still didn't have my dress on (but had managed to get White deodorant marks all over it, four of my nails weren't painted, I had no make-up on and went into a panic. 
Anyhow somehow I found myself in the taxi at 6:50 with dress on, high heels on and, strangely, another pair of shoes in my hand?!  Caught in a spiral of panicky indecision I just thought I'd take both pairs of shoes. Genius. 
So we get to the restaurant 1 hour later (we live 23miles from work, taxi driver was very nervous of country roads. Fortunately I resisted the urge to shout "pull over and let me drive you doddery old fart!"). 
I hid the extra shoes in my coat sleeves and put coat in the cloakroom. (As you do when you've randomly brought a spare pair of shoes with you.)
The first hour involved standing around mingling. I was amazed how many people I knew and found myself going up to people and starting conversations on my own. Who me?!
Several glasses of bubbly helped with the confidence. 
Then we were called to our tables and I realised with horror we were on the same table as the most senior boss. Head of about 700 people. I made a strict mental note to self not to say anything stupid/snort whilst laughing or ask her to pull my finger. Unfortunately I didn't realise that the lady sitting next to me was also a senior leader (in the very department I work in) until I asked "so what do you do"?!  

Skip forward two hours and vast quantities of wine and I had said many stupid things, snorted quite a lot and had a deep and meaningful conversation with senior lady 2 who decides to bellow across the table to senior lady 1 "Do you think Heather would make a good Mum?"!!!!  
Everyone stops talking and turns to look. Matt goes pale. I felt like I was in a Miranda sketch. Senior lady 1 comes over, fills his wine glass to the brim and says "you'll be needing this if you're making babies tonight". I find myself winking at him and saying "it's all part of your long-service award sweetheart".  

Despite the cringeworthy moments I had a lovely night, didn't finish each of the food courses and survived wearing a dress and heels. I think after some Nurofen I should be able to get out for some exercise today too in the torrential rain and gale force winds. 

Friday, 4 February 2011

Weigh-in 6 - Whoo hoooo 1 stone lost!

I was umming and ahhhing whether or not to step on the scales this morning (after the scales battery had been released by its keeper for my weekly weigh-in).  It was a bit of a gamble as if it had been bad news I would have been extra grumpy about having to wear a dress tonight.  But it was a 2lb loss which finally means I've officially lost that first stone.  I'm so relieved as had got myself in a panic that it wasn't working anymore and I'd be stuck at that figure for ever.

Emergency dress shopping went surprisingly well and I have this to wear tonight:

...and obviously I will look EXACTLY like she does so there's no point me taking an actual photo of myself.  Well....OK maybe I will after a few glasses of wine.
Unfortunately it wasn't in the sale so I've spent my hiking boots money but this is a nice reward.  It only just fits now with a lot of boob wrangling and breathing-in so at least I'll get to wear it for a while longer.  Still concerned about wearing heels without falling over so I'm taking some flat sandals for later in the evening when no one will notice.  I realised I've never seen Matt in a suit, shirt and tie and he hasn't shaved since July 2010 so it will be very odd pretending we're grown ups tonight (well, for at least the first 30mins).  I'm quite excited about getting dressed up. Hee hee! :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Plan B

The mail order dress was a steaming pile of turdiness so emergency shopping must be done tomorrow. Arse!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I'm a laaydee!

So I tried on my friends dress and although it did fit (miracle stretchy size 14) it clung in all the wrong places even with my steel girder minimiser pants on so I am still dressless.  Well, I do have an oyster coloured dress from Oasis in my "bought-to-shrink-into" wardrobe section.  Once I'd blown the dust off it I did manage to get it zipped up but totally felt like Emily Howard:

Especially when I tried to walk in the shoes I'd borrowed.  Plus cream isn't exactly the most flattering colour.  I did take a photo thinking it would make a great 'before' photo but can't bring myself to post it on here yet.  Likewise I can't bring myself to post my actual weight. Silly I know as it's not like people in the world can't see that I'm big and I've probably told most of you reading this anyway just to check you didn't faint or start pointing and chanting "YOU ATE ALL THE PIES " at me in public.  Perhaps it's just that I can't bear to see it in print.  Maybe I'll pluck up the courage when I've lost a bit more and I'll never be anywhere near this weight again.

I've ordered a dress online that should arrive tomorrow so bloody hope that fits or I'll have to either suffer the cream dress or go shopping and there is a serious risk of a changing room injury if I use my usual technique of shutting my eyes whilst being in a state of undress in case I catch a glimpse of some horrific angle in the 360 degree mirrors.

Keep your fingers crossed for a dress miracle.

I did have to return my lovely knee length boots as they dug into my achilles so have found the prettiest hiking boots I can (not easy in a world of brown and black).  I actually get more excited about new hiking boots than lady shoes so fingers crossed these fit well.  Still have to wait until I've lost a full stone before I can get them.  COME OOOOON!