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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Successful Weekend and a Chundertastic Monday

Passed a whole heap of challenges this weekend starting with going out for lunch and dinner on Saturday night without drinking and sticking to the healthy eating.  I even managed to deal with my nemesis THE CHEESE BOARD by just having a taste of each one and then letting the waiter take the rest away (avoiding the compelling urge to rugby tackle him to the floor as he walked away).

On Sunday I went for a 3 hour mountain bike ride in the wind and rain with Trudi.  It was really hard work on a route that is nowhere near as hard as some I've done before.  Made me realise how far I've got to go with improving my fitness.  However, instead of being demotivated by being the slow one I was instead determined to get faster and better each time I go out.  I seem to be thinking a lot more positively lately.

For the next challenge I went to my parents house for dinner and managed not to drink or overeat.  This is an incredible achievement given that their house is a bit like a combination of Selfridges food court and a branch of Oddbins (except everything is free)!!  Unfortunately overnight I started being ill and spent Monday chucking up and shivering under a duvet.  I feel much better today and laughed at the figure on the scales this morning as I know it's mostly water loss so I'll have to wait until Friday for the true result for this week. 

Edited to clarify that it wasnt my mum's cooking that made me ill!!


starfish264 said...

Wow - that is some amount of will-power! Especially with the cheese-board - never mind rugby-tackling, I might have been hugging his ankles and being dragged along the floor .... or I may simply have bitten his hand off when he tried to take it in the first place! lol. Boooooo to being ill though, although think how pretty that number on the scale looked - it'll be back soon no doubt! ;o)

Hetty said...

Haha you're right it was a tough challenge and the waiter did well to come out of it unscathed! In hindsight I shouldn't have stepped on the scales whilst I was ill and seen that number but you're right it will be great to see it for real sometime very soon. :)

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