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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Weigh-in 5 - Steady as she goes

I was a bit disappointed that the scales only showed three quarters of a pound lost on Saturday as I've been working hard on the exercise and thought it might be more.  But I guess some weeks will just be slower than others.  I have given the battery that powers the scales to Matt so I can stop obsessing and only weigh-in weekly.
I ran on Wednesday and Friday, hiked yesterday and did a spin session today plus two circuit sessions during the week so not bad.  The hike I did is only a 3rd of the route I'm doing in July (26 miles) and I was really slow because both my achilles were throbbing all the way.  I may have to return my lovely brown knee length boots and spend the money on new hiking boots instead with some custom insoles.  It was good to get out in the sunshine and spend some time on my own in the hills.  I think I need to be on my own a bit at the moment. However I've also said yes to a few social opportunities at work so not hiding away anymore or immediately saying "no" because I've got nothing to wear.  On Friday I wore my jeans for the first time in quite a while as they are now loose enough for me to breathe, sit and eat in - all essential activities during the day!   I was feeling a bit self-conscious without my comfort-blanket-walking-trousers on but a lovely colleague came up to me whilst I was queuing at the work cafe and said I looked like I'd lost weight.  I beamed and gave her a massive hug!  So after that I strutted back to my desk like a fierce supermodel snapping my fingers as I walked and swishing my hair.  Okay not really... I just did my normal 'hunched-shuffling-I-hope-noone-sees-my-bum-walk' but maybe one day I'll be that confident!

The kettlebell exercises I've moved onto are much tougher and I'm starting to feel a tiny bit stronger.  I can't wait to get back some definition in my muscles when the cloak of lard they're under has reduced.  Turns out I had completely misunderstood my trainer (I really can't concentrate on what he's saying whilst I'm exercising) and am not in the "power" phase but instead the "strength endurance" phase.  I'm only going to be able to afford another 6 sessions so will do my best to achieve as much as possible in that time.  I should be OK carrying on doing the program on my own now I know what to do and have made it a habit to do something every day.

I am not looking forward to the fancy meal on Friday night.  My jog buddy is bringing a dress into work for me to try tomorrow so fingers crossed it fits and I might feel a bit better once I've got something to wear.  If not it'll be a last minute panic shop on Thursday night.


starfish264 said...

Whoop - so nice to see a little spark of confidence coming .... it's a great feeling when you find something fits, even if you don't feel entirely confident the first time in them ... going great guns! Oh, and by the way, I forgot to say, thank you so much for that email you sent me, it was lovely - I meant to say earlier, but I'm useless :o)

T said...

You're doing great and you're right - there are slow weeks and there are quick weeks. As long as you're doing the right thing you WILL continue to lose weight.
If that dress isn't what you're after, let me know as I have a few you could try too. Only here until Wednesday but you are more than welcome to have a go at anything in my wardrobe...

Hetty said...

Thanks T - I won't get over to Sheffield before Wednesday but if worst comes to worst I will just buy something humongous from M&S and make do. Have a great time in London. :)

Hetty said...

Thanks Starfish. Well done on your brilliant loss last week. Really hope I have a better result this week.

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