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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Someone at work asked how I was today and without thinking I replied "I'm great thanks"! Wot no complaining about lack of sleep, headache, the weather, too much work etc. Can't imagine how good I'll feel in a months time or 3 stone lighter. I just can't wait.

I went for a run at lunch with my new jog buddy Liz and was delighted to find that we are really similar in fitness level and had lots to talk about in-between gasps. She even speeds up when she sees thin people just like I do! We're going again tomorrow so im going to miss out the lunges and squats from tonights workout and save my legs. No getting out of the press-ups though. Just hope I don't see tonights chilli reappear.


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

you sound uber motivated! well done, it will become normal soon to eat less and go running etc.
congrats on the weight loss so far, thats really good!

2 bras though really? why not get a sports bra instead?

Hetty said...

Thanks for the encouragement Ads :)
I'm wearing 2 sports bras. There is zero movement with this arrangement but my lung volume is probably halved! I'm sure better ones are available but I'm going to hold off buying new ones until the pups have shrunk a bit otherwise it will cost me a fortune.

T said...

You're jogging buddy sounds ideal - you can both motivate one another that way. It's easy to slow down that bit early on your own, but if there's someone else there...
I've been known to wear two bras too - a regular one and a sports one. The thing is, momentum's a bugger and once a pair of big boobies get moving it's very difficult to stop them - best to prevent the movement in the first place. :-(

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