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Friday, 21 January 2011

Weigh-in 4 - Not Eating is Cheating

The scales show a 3lb drop this week which is nice and consistent although I am gutted that I got on the scales on Monday (chunder day) when it was 3lbs less than this morning!  Still if I work hard this week I should see that number again this time next Friday.
I missed exercising on Monday and Tuesday whilst I was getting back into proper eating but since then have had two training sessions.  I've finished my 4 week 'stabilisation' phase and moved into a 4 week 'power' phase.  I find it difficult to say "POWER PHAAAASSSSEE" without doing some kind of movie voiceover-man voice and a martial arts pose.  I may add in a wonderwoman-style spin for extra effect. 

The power phase involves harder kettlebell exercises including the 'clean and snatch' (which I'm ashamed to admit makes me snigger everytime he says it), and 'clean and press'.  It also involves some kind of crazy Turkish wrestling/breakdancing move where you start flat on your back in a starfish shape with a kettlebell in one arm above your head and then you have to get up and back down keeping the bell in the same position.  I'll have to put my MC Hammer pants on and take my cardboard mat/gettoblaster down to the shops once I've mastered it.
I've also been told to eat 500 more calories a day as my food diary shows I'm not eating enough.  Which is nice!

The bad news is I've remembered I have to go to a fancy dinner on the 4th Feb which involves wearing a dress.  Oh    My     God.   I currently can't fit into any of the dresses I own (I own 2) so am going to have to batter myself with exercise between now and then.  I'll go shopping the night before and hopefully with the help of industrial spanx and gasket tape I can get something with less material than a 6-man tent.  Looking at the bright side it will most likely be the first alcohol I'll have had this year and is a free bar with taxi included so quite a good way to celebrate.  I must remember that I will be a bit more of a lightweight by then having had a break from the vino so will try not to get plastered and embarrass myself in front of senior work people. 

I have no temptation challenges to deal with this weekend and am looking forward to going out hiking and biking.  I also have to buy some new trousers for working out as mine were falling down through today's workout.  Hooray!!! :)


T said...

You're doing SO well. Nice one!
Have you test ridden CoachTroy yet? (fnar fnar)

Also, don't buy any dresses yet - I have quite a few 'posh' ones in various styles and sizes. You are more than welcome to come over and try some of them on?
Unless of course you want to go shopping, then go fill yer boots. :-)

starfish264 said...

You do make me laugh - industrial spanx *and* gasket tape?? A 6 man tent?? Exaggeration, me thinks!! Still - really well done on the 3lbs off - that's an ace result for one week ... consider me jealous!

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