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Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's Jogging Jim, but not as we know it

Managed another jog yesterday lunchtime in the rain followed by gorgeous tomato and lentil soup to warm me back up.  Finding it difficult to get into the right stride when running as if I take longer strides it hurts my legs less but lungs are knackered much more quickly.  Hopefully it will get easier with practice.  Who'd have thought I'd have to relearn how to run at the age of 35?!  There were several times I wanted to stop but there were gorgeously slim women jogging in the other direction so I kept going as didn't want them to see me stop.  Hey whatever works for motivation eh?  One day I too shall skip along wearing lycra capri pants IN PUBLIC and only one bra.

As I'm running in a non-traditional outfit of walking trousers and biking anorak I was slightly concerned that people might see me staggering out of the woods with wild hair/red-face/gasping for air and worry I'd had some kind of breakdown rather than actually chosen to go out exercising.  Therefore I plucked up the courage to ask a work colleague if she wanted to come jogging with me next week.  Hopefully that will reassure onlookers that I have my carer with me.  I thought I was being clever by asking someone who is doing weight-watchers and had an operation so hasn't been able to do much exercise but as it turns out she used to do quite a bit of running.......Arse.

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