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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Friday, 7 January 2011

Day 3 in the Big Blubba house

Had a hairy drive to the personal training this morning.  Overslept massively so didn't have time to cycle there but was quite glad when I realised how slippy the roads were.  I borrowed the landrover but still did some lovely 4wheel slides around the corner.  And I won't repeat what I shouted when I met the post truck coming the other way on a singletrack lane.  I certainly worked out my glutes whilst sliding gracefully towards him.  Fortunately we didn't make contact - which is a shame as he looked kinda hot!
Not sure I would have made it in one piece on the bike and it would have taken all session for my feet to denumb.  The good news is I met my week targets of 3 resistance workouts, exceeded target for cardio with 5 workouts and increased all of my resistance reps and intensities so progress is happening!

I have two weeks before my next assessment (including weigh-in).  My target is a 4kg loss for the month but that is pretty challenging given that the first two weeks included Christmas and New Year!  But hey even if it's only 1kg it's a start.

This will be my first weekend in I don't know how long without drinking. Isn't that awful? - I can't even remember the last time?  I need to find a way to distract myself from wanting to eat or drink bad stuff so have decided to cook some big batches of healthy meals to freeze as fast food options and then do a session on the rowing machine whilst catching up on some TV.

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