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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 1

I forgot to say I started the personal training on Christmas Eve in hope that I would be so sore the following day that I wouldn't be able to reach the dinner table and devour my own body weight in turkey and cheese.  I'm not sure it was entirely successful but I certainly ate less than I normally would and didn't even have to undo my trousers or lie on the lounge floor hyperventilating.  Baby steps!
Today went well, first day back at work with a Costa coffee shop within smelling distance of my desk.  Had porridge for brekkie, then went running at lunchtime.  I say "running" but it's really only toppling over from a walk at the moment and lasted only 15minutes plus another 20mins walking.  Everything just felt so heavy and painful.  I spent a lot of the time removing layers of clothing and wondering if my bum looks bigger with or without the anorak tied around my waist.  The rest of the time was spent boob-wrangling despite wearing two over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.
Lunch was curried parsnip soup with a small bread roll and some red grapes.  Dinner was smoked salmon with wholemeal pasta.  It was about half the portion I usually eat and I'm perfectly satisfied.  Durrrr!

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