LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Weigh-in 5 - Steady as she goes

I was a bit disappointed that the scales only showed three quarters of a pound lost on Saturday as I've been working hard on the exercise and thought it might be more.  But I guess some weeks will just be slower than others.  I have given the battery that powers the scales to Matt so I can stop obsessing and only weigh-in weekly.
I ran on Wednesday and Friday, hiked yesterday and did a spin session today plus two circuit sessions during the week so not bad.  The hike I did is only a 3rd of the route I'm doing in July (26 miles) and I was really slow because both my achilles were throbbing all the way.  I may have to return my lovely brown knee length boots and spend the money on new hiking boots instead with some custom insoles.  It was good to get out in the sunshine and spend some time on my own in the hills.  I think I need to be on my own a bit at the moment. However I've also said yes to a few social opportunities at work so not hiding away anymore or immediately saying "no" because I've got nothing to wear.  On Friday I wore my jeans for the first time in quite a while as they are now loose enough for me to breathe, sit and eat in - all essential activities during the day!   I was feeling a bit self-conscious without my comfort-blanket-walking-trousers on but a lovely colleague came up to me whilst I was queuing at the work cafe and said I looked like I'd lost weight.  I beamed and gave her a massive hug!  So after that I strutted back to my desk like a fierce supermodel snapping my fingers as I walked and swishing my hair.  Okay not really... I just did my normal 'hunched-shuffling-I-hope-noone-sees-my-bum-walk' but maybe one day I'll be that confident!

The kettlebell exercises I've moved onto are much tougher and I'm starting to feel a tiny bit stronger.  I can't wait to get back some definition in my muscles when the cloak of lard they're under has reduced.  Turns out I had completely misunderstood my trainer (I really can't concentrate on what he's saying whilst I'm exercising) and am not in the "power" phase but instead the "strength endurance" phase.  I'm only going to be able to afford another 6 sessions so will do my best to achieve as much as possible in that time.  I should be OK carrying on doing the program on my own now I know what to do and have made it a habit to do something every day.

I am not looking forward to the fancy meal on Friday night.  My jog buddy is bringing a dress into work for me to try tomorrow so fingers crossed it fits and I might feel a bit better once I've got something to wear.  If not it'll be a last minute panic shop on Thursday night.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wait for me, my beauties!


The scales are refusing to move from last Friday's amount which is very annoying as I have been doing everything I'm supposed to.  I even ran yesterday lunchtime and did training after work so what gives?  Maybe I've jinxed it by prematurely buying my "lost a stone' reward 2lbs before I got there.  So there's a lovely pair of boots waiting at my Mum & Dad's house that I am desperate to wear but have 2 more lbs to lose before I can. 
Funny how weighing myself regularly seemed like a great idea when the figure was going down every day but now it's stuck I'm thinking I should only do it once a week.  Doh!  It may be time for me to give the battery in the scales to Matt for safe-keeping so I can't peek between weigh-ins.


Monday, 24 January 2011

What's Occurin'?

Astonishing things happened at the weekend. Firstly on Friday night I swerved into Waitrose on the way home from work to pick up some shopping (hasten to add I shop at Morrisons aswell, I’m not posh).  I immediately found myself at the cheese counter with my face pressed against the glass like a leech.  I heard someone asking the counter lady “What is the smallest quantity of cheese I can order?”.   Sniggering under my breath thinking “what a loser” I then realized in amazement that it was ME who asked the question!  And the good news is there is no minimum order so I promptly bought myself 0.045g of Yorkshire blue cheese.  I also bought 100g of stilton and can happily report that HALF OF IT is still in the fridge on Monday. This is unheard of.

Next stop was the wine area where whilst stroking the bottles and whispering “my precious” I came up with a phenomenal piece of spin-doctering/woman-maths. It occurred to me that it would be OK if I had some wine because actually, I think you’ll find, over the last 3 weeks I’d already passed all the challenges I set like going out to dinner, special occasions, a night at mum & dads house without booze. I seemed to be doing quite well with not banning any foods and eating things in moderation, so why not allow wine as long as I stayed within my calorie limit. Conveniently glossing over the fact that I said I wouldn’t drink for the whole month I selected a bottle of prosecco and headed home.  Having cooked a healthy tea I settled down in front of the telly and completely forgot about the wine in the fridge until 9pm and by then didn’t really fancy it.  On Saturday night I had half of it and the rest on Sunday.  So just to clarify that’s one bottle over an entire weekend.  For someone who dreams of having a magic fridge that automatically refills with wine like Eddie’s on Ab Fab this is a remarkable achievement.

<<rant mode ON, so bear with>>
On Sunday I managed to convince Him (Permanently) Indoors to come out for a hike.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that it would have been a lot more fun on my own.  For some reason he is physically incapable of walking alongside me and instead walks 2 metres ahead even though we are actually walking at the same pace.  At first I thought it might just be that I was doing up all the latches on the gates after going through them whilst he charged ahead.  So I experimented by speeding up to catch him only to find that he speeded up until he was 2metres ahead again.  It was infuriating (but excellent interval training)!  I was practically doing an Olympic speed walk whilst having a massive Tourrettes rant in my head “WHY WON’T YOU WALK WITH ME YOU TOSSER?!!”  Of course I wasn’t going to say anything out loud as then it would sound like he was faster than me which would be completely unacceptable given he has done bugger-all exercise and I’ve been working hard.  I had planned to be really encouraging and try not to highlight his lack of fitness but I’m afraid all thoughts of kindness went out the window and as soon as we got to an uphill bit I blew him into the weeds, waited at the top and then asked him a load of questions in my very not out-of-breath voice whilst he gasped for air.  I must sound like an ultra-competitive cow there but honestly I’ve had to put up with him eating gorgeous mounds of lardy food in my face for the past weeks and lecturing me about the science of weight-loss so my tolerance levels are quite low.
<<rant mode OFF, thanks for listening>>

Looking at the bright side I pushed myself harder because of the frustration so it's all good.  We only did 2 hours but my achilles were pretty sore at the end.  Not sure if it's my boots so might have to invest in a new pair (any excuse).  Somehow I've got to get fit enough to hike 26miles in July on the White Peak Walk so I'll have to plan some interim target routes to gradually increase the distance.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Weigh-in 4 - Not Eating is Cheating

The scales show a 3lb drop this week which is nice and consistent although I am gutted that I got on the scales on Monday (chunder day) when it was 3lbs less than this morning!  Still if I work hard this week I should see that number again this time next Friday.
I missed exercising on Monday and Tuesday whilst I was getting back into proper eating but since then have had two training sessions.  I've finished my 4 week 'stabilisation' phase and moved into a 4 week 'power' phase.  I find it difficult to say "POWER PHAAAASSSSEE" without doing some kind of movie voiceover-man voice and a martial arts pose.  I may add in a wonderwoman-style spin for extra effect. 

The power phase involves harder kettlebell exercises including the 'clean and snatch' (which I'm ashamed to admit makes me snigger everytime he says it), and 'clean and press'.  It also involves some kind of crazy Turkish wrestling/breakdancing move where you start flat on your back in a starfish shape with a kettlebell in one arm above your head and then you have to get up and back down keeping the bell in the same position.  I'll have to put my MC Hammer pants on and take my cardboard mat/gettoblaster down to the shops once I've mastered it.
I've also been told to eat 500 more calories a day as my food diary shows I'm not eating enough.  Which is nice!

The bad news is I've remembered I have to go to a fancy dinner on the 4th Feb which involves wearing a dress.  Oh    My     God.   I currently can't fit into any of the dresses I own (I own 2) so am going to have to batter myself with exercise between now and then.  I'll go shopping the night before and hopefully with the help of industrial spanx and gasket tape I can get something with less material than a 6-man tent.  Looking at the bright side it will most likely be the first alcohol I'll have had this year and is a free bar with taxi included so quite a good way to celebrate.  I must remember that I will be a bit more of a lightweight by then having had a break from the vino so will try not to get plastered and embarrass myself in front of senior work people. 

I have no temptation challenges to deal with this weekend and am looking forward to going out hiking and biking.  I also have to buy some new trousers for working out as mine were falling down through today's workout.  Hooray!!! :)

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Successful Weekend and a Chundertastic Monday

Passed a whole heap of challenges this weekend starting with going out for lunch and dinner on Saturday night without drinking and sticking to the healthy eating.  I even managed to deal with my nemesis THE CHEESE BOARD by just having a taste of each one and then letting the waiter take the rest away (avoiding the compelling urge to rugby tackle him to the floor as he walked away).

On Sunday I went for a 3 hour mountain bike ride in the wind and rain with Trudi.  It was really hard work on a route that is nowhere near as hard as some I've done before.  Made me realise how far I've got to go with improving my fitness.  However, instead of being demotivated by being the slow one I was instead determined to get faster and better each time I go out.  I seem to be thinking a lot more positively lately.

For the next challenge I went to my parents house for dinner and managed not to drink or overeat.  This is an incredible achievement given that their house is a bit like a combination of Selfridges food court and a branch of Oddbins (except everything is free)!!  Unfortunately overnight I started being ill and spent Monday chucking up and shivering under a duvet.  I feel much better today and laughed at the figure on the scales this morning as I know it's mostly water loss so I'll have to wait until Friday for the true result for this week. 

Edited to clarify that it wasnt my mum's cooking that made me ill!!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Number crunching

Ooh i just looked back at my post from last saturday and realise ive lost 4lbs since then, not 3. Ace! I will post a weekly weigh-in every friday so i can keep track. If only i could fast forward time and get there quicker.

Weigh-in 3

3lbs off this week which is good news and already at the target i set for next friday so I'll have to make the targets tougher. I cant get used to this kilos nonsense so have gone back to lbs.

It's been a really busy week at work and difficult to keep to a routine. But i managed to run twice, hike twice, one circuit training sesh and a walk. Not bad but i really want to do biking. Cant wait for light nights as its just to much of a kerfuffle taking my bike into work. If only i was fit enough for a 50mile roundtrip peak district commute!
Instead of stuffing lardy food in my face to deal with the work stress ive kept on track with healthy eating. Looking back at my food diary (i use the livestrong iphone app) ive not been eating enough as im often below my calorie target for the day. The best days were when i took a lunchbox full of fruit and veg to graze on. I particularly enjoyed poking a humongous phallic-looking carrot over the top of my work station whilst my desk mate was trying to have a serious telephone call.

Im off out for dinner tomorrow night but have volunteered to drive so i can avoid the vino-destructo. Gotta do a serious hike tomorrow to earn a sirloin steak for tea though. I figure with salad and no sauce it shouldnt be too naughty.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Someone at work asked how I was today and without thinking I replied "I'm great thanks"! Wot no complaining about lack of sleep, headache, the weather, too much work etc. Can't imagine how good I'll feel in a months time or 3 stone lighter. I just can't wait.

I went for a run at lunch with my new jog buddy Liz and was delighted to find that we are really similar in fitness level and had lots to talk about in-between gasps. She even speeds up when she sees thin people just like I do! We're going again tomorrow so im going to miss out the lunges and squats from tonights workout and save my legs. No getting out of the press-ups though. Just hope I don't see tonights chilli reappear.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Week 2 starts

I feel like I've been doing this for ages so can't believe it's only been a week.  Also I don't understand how I found the time and commitment to eat and drink as much as I did last year.  It takes real dedication to become a porker and therefore is possibly my greatest achievement to date (NOT). 
It wasn't that difficult to get through the weekend without any cheating and whilst I didn't exactly do extreme amounts of exercise I got out hiking both days and did some of my exercises.  I keep worrying what is going to go wrong and make me fail - almost as if this isn't in my control.  It is!  You can remind me of this post when I'm no doubt having an emotional wobbly about something ultimately insignificant in a few weeks time.
I didn't make it out of the office at lunchtime as I was worrying about preparing for a work meeting in the afternoon.  That is a slippery slope so I have to force myself to prioritise the exercise.  I shall punish myself tonight by doing some rowing (the type with the oars, not shouting at Matt - although he deserves it after eating a stunning amount of greasy and gorgeous-smelling food in my face all weekend.).  Then I'll do the resistance workout and maybe even try doing some man press-ups instead of all girlie on your knees type.  I'll post a picture of my broken nose tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

No bender weekender

Well I've not cheated on food or booze and the scales are moving in the right direction, 4lbs down but so many more to go. I was really tired and stiff this morning but managed to get out for a walk this afternoon. It was a novelty to plan a walking route without pubs enroute! Not sure if I've fully shifted this cold yet. Hoping that is the reason for v low energy today and that I feel more perky tomorrow.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Clench and slide

Day 3 in the Big Blubba house

Had a hairy drive to the personal training this morning.  Overslept massively so didn't have time to cycle there but was quite glad when I realised how slippy the roads were.  I borrowed the landrover but still did some lovely 4wheel slides around the corner.  And I won't repeat what I shouted when I met the post truck coming the other way on a singletrack lane.  I certainly worked out my glutes whilst sliding gracefully towards him.  Fortunately we didn't make contact - which is a shame as he looked kinda hot!
Not sure I would have made it in one piece on the bike and it would have taken all session for my feet to denumb.  The good news is I met my week targets of 3 resistance workouts, exceeded target for cardio with 5 workouts and increased all of my resistance reps and intensities so progress is happening!

I have two weeks before my next assessment (including weigh-in).  My target is a 4kg loss for the month but that is pretty challenging given that the first two weeks included Christmas and New Year!  But hey even if it's only 1kg it's a start.

This will be my first weekend in I don't know how long without drinking. Isn't that awful? - I can't even remember the last time?  I need to find a way to distract myself from wanting to eat or drink bad stuff so have decided to cook some big batches of healthy meals to freeze as fast food options and then do a session on the rowing machine whilst catching up on some TV.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

It's Jogging Jim, but not as we know it

Managed another jog yesterday lunchtime in the rain followed by gorgeous tomato and lentil soup to warm me back up.  Finding it difficult to get into the right stride when running as if I take longer strides it hurts my legs less but lungs are knackered much more quickly.  Hopefully it will get easier with practice.  Who'd have thought I'd have to relearn how to run at the age of 35?!  There were several times I wanted to stop but there were gorgeously slim women jogging in the other direction so I kept going as didn't want them to see me stop.  Hey whatever works for motivation eh?  One day I too shall skip along wearing lycra capri pants IN PUBLIC and only one bra.

As I'm running in a non-traditional outfit of walking trousers and biking anorak I was slightly concerned that people might see me staggering out of the woods with wild hair/red-face/gasping for air and worry I'd had some kind of breakdown rather than actually chosen to go out exercising.  Therefore I plucked up the courage to ask a work colleague if she wanted to come jogging with me next week.  Hopefully that will reassure onlookers that I have my carer with me.  I thought I was being clever by asking someone who is doing weight-watchers and had an operation so hasn't been able to do much exercise but as it turns out she used to do quite a bit of running.......Arse.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Day 1

I forgot to say I started the personal training on Christmas Eve in hope that I would be so sore the following day that I wouldn't be able to reach the dinner table and devour my own body weight in turkey and cheese.  I'm not sure it was entirely successful but I certainly ate less than I normally would and didn't even have to undo my trousers or lie on the lounge floor hyperventilating.  Baby steps!
Today went well, first day back at work with a Costa coffee shop within smelling distance of my desk.  Had porridge for brekkie, then went running at lunchtime.  I say "running" but it's really only toppling over from a walk at the moment and lasted only 15minutes plus another 20mins walking.  Everything just felt so heavy and painful.  I spent a lot of the time removing layers of clothing and wondering if my bum looks bigger with or without the anorak tied around my waist.  The rest of the time was spent boob-wrangling despite wearing two over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.
Lunch was curried parsnip soup with a small bread roll and some red grapes.  Dinner was smoked salmon with wholemeal pasta.  It was about half the portion I usually eat and I'm perfectly satisfied.  Durrrr!

At the end of my Heather

So I finally got so fed up of wearing this Cloak of Lard that I'm doing something about it.  My main goal is to get fit and to do so I need to drop the weight that is quite literally holding me back in life:
I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes I can't fit into (and by "lovely" I mean bike shorts, goretex trousers and maybe a pair of jeans rather than designer dresses!).  My boobs threaten to strangle me when I lie down to sleep at night and get in the way on the bike and rowing machine.  The other day they sneakily undid one of the buttons on the blouse I'd squeezed into and started winking at people in the office without my knowledge until one kind lady pointed out their appearance.  I'm not able to properly enjoy things that make me happy like mountain biking and hiking because I'm constantly on the verge of a Basil Fawlty-style tantrum at my lack of fitness. 
I'm getting increasingly hermit-like in my social interactions because I have nothing to wear and feel embarrassed meeting new people.  I realise this is ridiculous as it's not like I'm at the stage where I have to be air-lifted from my house by a team of elephant handlers.  Also my friends and family don't give a toss what I look like and are lovely, supportive and motivating people who I'm lucky to have.  They just want me to be happy and come out to play so it's up to me to make that happen.  I've been through a lot of changes in the last three years (during which time I've put on 3 stone) and it would be such a shame to go through all that and then miss out on the best things in life.
So here's the plan:
I'm having a personal training session every Friday morning. I've started about twenty different fitness plans of my own design over the past few years and failed miserably at all of them because I tend to go all out and get injured or lose the will to live.  So I figured I needed help from someone who could organise my exercise and nutrition into a realistic and sensible plan.  I found a trainer who does sessions within a bike ride distance from my house so I can even get there if it snows!  For the first month I have a workout to do 3 times a week inbetween my sessions with him.  These involve some foam roller activation exercises, stretches and then circuits of body-weight exercises such as squats, lunges, press-ups etc but all with an element of balance involved. There is no rest between sets so I'm out of breath the whole time getting a double-whammy workout.  On top of that I have committed to doing 3 cardio sessions of bike rides, walks, rowing or jogs per week.  In theory I should be exercising every day, even if it's just a 30minute walk.  That should leave a lot less time for eating, drinking and sitting on my arse doing nothing.  I also want to get away from my desk during the day as work stress was really making my life a misery last year.  I was eating breakfast and lunch at my desk and hardly moving all day.

For January I have an additional goal of not drinking any alcohol because at least half my calorie intake has been in the liquid form over the last year so it's a really easy way to cut down.  It's going to be really difficult as I seem to have associated drinking a glass of wine (followed by 3 more) with celebrating, comiserating, a confidence boost, helping me relax etc etc. I need to break that habit and it will have heaps of other benefits like better sleep, more energy and saving money to pay for the personal training.

Well I guess I've gone and done the first post now so there's no going back!