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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Oh my god it's been aaaaggggeeeeesss.....

...since my last post. Work has been really busy and I got myself into a bit of a state about it.
I intended to carry on blogging privately and then publish them when I had time to check that I didn't sound like a total mentalist. But I never got around to doing any blogging at all.
I've been writing this for nearly a year but I still find it really embarrassing that all my wobblys and faffing are here for the world to see. Although I'm not sure anyone will still be reading it by now and I guess the worst part is that I can see myself repeating the same old mistakes over and over.

Seems I'm totally pants at multi-tasking because I don't seem to be able to focus on more than one of the following at any time:
- sleeping well,
- losing weight,
- getting fit,
- not drinking too much,
- socialising,
- relationship troubles,
- work stress.

It's kind of embarrassing that I don't have a lot to deal with compared to lots of people. You could add things like 'looking after children, caring for someone poorly, illness, running a business, etc etc'. to that list and then it might actually start to look difficult. I have to make like a curtain and pull myself together!

I've kept up a couple of exercise sessions a week but nothing like what I was doing before. Eating has been horrendous (or wonderful depending how you look at it!).
I got weighed at the doctors today (on the same scales that last time the nurse admitted weigh 7lbs too heavy) so I refused to look at the result and she was kind enough not to tell me. For some reason I took my shoes off beforehand though?!! I reckon I'll have put that bloomin' 7lbs back on that I've now lost twice times. I guess I've still dropped 2st this year overall so all is not lost (or regained). If I could do the same next year I'd be where I want to be.

I'm enjoying catching up on the blogs I follow and always inspired by other people doing so well or also struggling like I am.

They say you should do something that scares you every day so I drove to my doctors appointment in the snow. Somehow I got my blood pressure back down to 120/80 with a lot of heavy breathing in the waiting room! :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Weekly weigh-in 9 weeks to go

13st 9 on Tuesday but back to 13st 7 today. Weird things happen after the weekend as mon/tues are always high readings. And I didn't eat 2lbs of cheese on Sunday (but I totally could!). Maybe it's salty food causing water retention or something that causes the spike?

Whatever I'll try not to get so worried by it and take the weekly measure on Fridays.

Monday, 31 October 2011

The night before weigh-in. Scaaarrryy!

First of all look who came trick or treating tonight....

It was a genius stroke by next doors kids as I promptly handed over all the sweets and my two pumpkins in return for a puppy cuddle.

Monday to Friday i was really good food-wise and managed a couple of bike rides at lunch. But then on saturday i ate too many halloween biscuits during a baking session. Then I made the mistake of having a glass of wine at the pub whilst out walking and subsequently found myself at Hartington Cheese shop. Dammit!

I had hideous cheese-fuelled nightmares last night and felt soooo miserable this morning. I didnt drink enough to be hungover, I just felt really disappointed with myself for ending the week on a low.
On friday morning the scales were down another 2lbs to 13st 7 but I bet that has disappeared when I step on the scales tomorrow morning. How annoying would that be to ruin things at the weekend after a whole week of goodness.

I've been getting used to using a roofless car for every day duties. Bit embarrassing taking the recycling as everyone can see and hear exactly how much of a lush I am!

Tomorrow I'm having winter tyres fitted. I can't do anything about it being rear wheel drive and half the weight of a normal car. But I can at least fit the best rubber for the upcoming conditions. I'm secretly hoping I'll be passing expensive 4x4 cars when the snow comes but in reality I'll most likely have frozen to death within a mile of the house.

Work is a total nightmare at the moment and as a result I'm sporting a cold sore and twitchy eye. Just hanging in until Friday when I go to Great Langdale for a week with my family.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Weekly weigh in - 10 weeks till year end

Down 3lbs to 13st 9lbs this week. I've finally got control of my eating. Just wish I'd done that sooner and not wasted months hovering up and down around the same weight. Another 4lbs off and then it's back into lightest results.

Ive gone back to the stuff I know works, nothing too extreme. Decent breakfast; salad & jacket potato for lunch; protein and veg for dinner with no starchy carbs. I'm cooking big batches of things like chilli at the weekend and working my through that during the week. There's always something easy and quick in the fridge when I get home from work. Plus my lovely mum made me portions of her delish tomatoey chicken casserole in a very wrong reversal of meals on wheels. Wine is out and diet mixers are in.

Last week I only managed two bike rides. Including a great sidi Sunday ride with my buddy Ads. Hmmmm pretty shoes.....

This week I'm upping that to 4 or 5 rides this week by taking my bike to work for short lunchtime rides and then longer rides at the weekend. Need to add some weights back in but this time I am trying to get each habit well established before adding the next.

I did write a section to do with Matt moving out but it was so depressing I don't want to read it so for now will focus on losing weight. At least I'm not eating my way through emotional turmoil as I have in the past.

Next doors new puppy did cheer me up falling asleep in my arms...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Weekly weigh in - 11 weeks to go

13st 12 this morning thank goodness. Yesterday gave me such a boot up the arse that I feel really determined to get a wriggle on now. I want to shift the next 5lbs really quick so I'm back at my lightest and moving in the right direction.

I made a big batch of spicy chilli last night and had a bowl with peas, a blob of low fat creme fraiche and a tiny grating of cheese. Yum! Perfect Autumn warmer.

I'm already looking forward to another bowl tonight which is a good job as I am buying fish and chips for Matt tonight to say thanks for taking me (and my parcel shelf!) to the car dealer on the way home from work. I'm not even stealing one of his chips!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Total Jellyhead

Last night in preparation for selling my car this morning I checked my list of things I had to take and laid it all out ready for the morning. This seemed wise as in the morning I had to wash the car and pack all my bike kit into it ready for cycling home.
So this morning I got up and sorted the car, packed my bag (making a mental note to include some food and eat before I left) and put the bike in the car. I did contemplate rechecking my list but decided that was overkill as I'd done that last night of course.

I'm all set to leave and go to where I laid out the car keys (with spare key attached so I don't forget that).
They're not there.
Silly me I must have moved them back into the ''muddle drawer" in the kitchen. They're not there.

Fast forward 20minutes, the house looks like a bomb has gone off and I am running down the road to see if the rubbish bags have been collected because that is the only place left to check.
The bags aren't there.

I start crying in disbelief that despite my efforts I have managed to lose BOTH car keys on the day I am selling the car. I can't even get into the car where the manual sits with the number for ordering replacement keys. Replacement car keys are really expensive and this stupid car has already cost £5k in a year! I try to calm myself down and think logically but I've totally lost the plot. I'm only selling the damn thing because it's costing me too much and because Matt is moving out but quite clearly I'm not fit to live alone.

I check the muddle drawer for the 4th time.
The keys are there.
I cannot believe my eyes?! How can I not have seen them THREE TIMES?! Hysterical laughter ensues and I somehow make it to the dealer just on time.
I have, however, forgotten the parcel shelf which was on the list I didn't re-check. I have also forgotten to eat or pack food and left my helmet at home. I buy a cheap helmet and energy food from conveniently located bike shop across from the dealer and begin the 20 mile ride home.
It was a truly horrible journey with such a strong headwind I could barely reach 6mph on the flat on the exposed sections. I may actually have been travelling backwards on the uphill bits.

I get back to find roofers have erected scaffolding across the drive blocking the way. I have to do a Catherine Zeta Jones style contortion routine to get me and my bike through it. Im just in time to pant my way through a teleconference whilst sitting in wet cycling gear. Did I mention it rained aswell?

Oh and I saw 14.0stone on the scales this morning. WAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! I am, however, NOT accepting that, am going to be so good this week that I'll be back into the 13s ASAP and pretend today never happened. Here's hoping it is back in the 13s by tomorrow.

My friend Ads came up with the genius idea of emailing our daily food diaries to each other. I think that will really work as for some reason I can't lie when I'm sending it to someone else. I can lie to myself no problem and clearly have done very well at that to put 7lbs on since August!

Some good friends of mine were waiting for medical results today I'm delighted to say it was not what was feared and they can carry on working to beat it. It sure puts things in perspective. All of my worries today were trivial nonsense that in hindsight were quite funny. And hey I must've burnt loads of calories running around the house like a panicking maniac!

Hope y'all had a good Monday.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

In the wee hours

Every night this week I've had a dodgy stomach wake me up and after trips to the loo I can't get back to sleep for thinking about things. Not sure if I've picked up a bug or what? Hey I'd probably have lost weight from all this if I hadn't done zero exercise and eaten so much crap this week. I am dreading getting on the scales and seriously worried I'll see the dreaded 14 again.

Yesterday was a particularly pants morning as I sold my car in preparation for the increased expense of living on my own. Selling a year old car that you bought new is about as painful as it gets financially but it's costing me too much each month and has been really disappointing all round. I can't face buying anything else right now so will get a lift to and from work with Matt whilst we are still at the same place. It will be at least a couple of months before he moves out as both of us are a bit skint and he has to find somewhere.

Wow my blog is really depressing when I post at 3am whilst suffering from stomach cramps!!

On a brighter note I did have a nice afternoon in Buxton with my friend Manda with a few drinks.....see:

I'll try to have a better week and stick to my plans. I have to cycle back from the car dealer on Monday morning after I handover my car so that will be a good start to the week. I am so grumpy when I don't exercise!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

A hell of a week

Pffffffff! Holiday seems a distant memory after this week. I went back to work with plans to cycle most lunchtimes, to eat healthy regular meals and drink lots of water. Perhaps a tad unrealistic after two weeks off. I have in fact not managed to ride at all, drank lots of diet coke and ate sporadically and not particularly healthily. Arse.
Yesterday I even had my bike in the car and had half my bike gear on but still didn't manage to get out. The shoes are awful pretty with jeans though! ;)

On top of the workload it's been stressful at home because I finally got the courage to do something about my failing relationship. We're going to live separately again. Maybe going back to having our own space and dating will help get some of the feelings back that I've lost and stop me feeling so depressed about the future.

I feel really awful for forcing this on him and can't believe I'm back in this situation again, being the bad guy. But after lots of talking things through this week I know it's the right thing to do and he agrees it's the best hope for us. I think the prospect of having skytv, fast broadband and a pub within walking distance helped him come round to the idea!!

I feel quite excited about living on my own and getting some independence back but I'm also sad about being on my own more and worried about how I'm going to pay all the house costs on my own over winter.
I feel a spreadsheet and some lists coming on!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hetty and Pixie's Adventures Part 2

I managed to drag myself out for a ride on Wednesday on a windy and grey day. I found it disconcerting being blown sideways on the bike and why is the wind always against you when you're struggling uphill?

I managed the 20 miles to Adams Farm OK but had forgotten to have breakfast or pack any food so can't tell you how much I enjoyed this chilli in the farm cafe

I managed to be a good girl and leave the garlic bread behind but inhaled the rest of it.

I think I had been cold and sitting for too long as when I got back on the bike it was a real struggle (despite trying to counteract the headwind with my own chilli trumps!). The next destination was 9 miles further on at the best farmshop I've ever seen, Daylesford Organics. It had a cheese room and everything! I asked if I could rent it for a holiday. ;)

Matt met me there in the car so i didn't have to carry stuff home. It took all the willpower I had to turn down his offer of a lift home and get back on the bike. It got windier and I just had to keep my head down and not look too far ahead to get up the rolling hills. By the time I got near home I had done 43.5 miles and decided to go for the 50 mile target which I haven't managed before. So of course I rode to another farmshop with a cheese selection. Well whatever motivates you, right?! Another quick loop around the village and I saw the magic number...

I can't imagine doing twice as far to get a century but it will be a good long term target. It would be so much easier if I wasn't carrying around all this fat. Some people I ride with are over 4 stone lighter?! That must be a brilliant feeling. Perhaps I should make them carry weights in a rucksack?

Not surprisingly I had Thursday and Friday off the bike with a little run on Friday to and from the pub. Matts friends had come to stay for our last night and I was surprised to have a really great time. It was a good way to end the holiday, but did involve way too much food and drink.

I had a very cold drive back on Saturday with the last 45mins in rain. Not pleasant but all part of the adventure I guess.

Today I went for a quick hour long ride which was horrible as it was windy and pouring with rain.

So overall I did about 225miles on hols. BUT I really didn't eat well especially the second week and drank almost every night. It was a great holiday!! I'm not looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday but will have to focus on the positives that I'm back exercising regularly and feel heaps better.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Weekly weigh-in 13 weeks to go

Except I forgot one crucial piece of equipment. Weighing scales! Forgot I'd be away from home and I'm not going to use those machines in Boots as they frown upon people taking all their clothes off (plus jewellery and hair bobble of course on the offchance they weigh a stone).

I'm not sure what I would be expecting to see on the scales if I did weigh-in today. I've done lots of cycling and definitely met my goal of getting back into regular exercise. But I've had way too much wine and some bad food too so maybe it would result in a stay the same?

My leg muscles are still sore despite having a day off the bike yesterday. I generally feel really tired today but feel like I should get back out on the bike. Not sure I'm getting this holiday balance right. Part of it is that I want to be on my own and going for a ride is a good excuse.

Yesterday we went into Oxford. I loved the bike culture and was amazed how brave commuters of all ages were in battling against the buses and vans.

I was very restrained with shopping and just bought a cheap bike computer so I don't have to manually plot rides to work out how far I've gone. I've used the mapmyride iPhone app a couple of times but it saps battery power and I'm dubious about the accuracy as the max speed was over 50mph on both rides?!

On the way back from Oxford we stopped for lunch and I made a healthy choice. It was yummy and Cajun chicken salad is going on my list of healthy teas when I get home.

I then ruined it all by having a Mcdonalds for dinner. What an idiot! I didn't even enjoy it...much.

So back on the bike today if I can drag myself out. It'll be my first road ride in the wet so i will be taking it steady (which is my only available speed anyway!).

Monday, 3 October 2011

A day in pictures


I actually swapped my sausages for tomato and mushroom though!

Lots of this...

A realisation that I totally need new shoes. Look at these old Pixie must be so embarrasses.

A bit more of this

And now doing this

Is it wine o'clock yet?

Didn't make it to Adams Farm today as it was too hot so will save that for rainy Wednesday. Off to Oxford tomoro v excited as have never been and there are lots of bike shops. "LEWIIIISSSSS!".

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hetty and Pixie's Adventure Part 1

We've had fun together so far and as of today have ridden 6 days out of 7 and over 150miles. We've got lost, met some friendly locals and only eaten out twice. Shock horror! I even resisted this...

It's been too hot to eat much especially when out riding, which has led to some dizzy moments. I made up for it in the evening though so don't worry Mum!
The South Downs were ace, much hillier than I imagined and quiet roads. I had an extra gear put on my bike with an extra 2 teeth which helped a bit but there's no escaping the fact that I just plain need to get stronger.

Had a hideous journey up to the Cotswolds where, despite wearing shinpads, I seriously thought my feet and legs would melt because so much heat was coming off the engine into the footwell.

The cottage is lovely but I'm finding it a bit annoying not being on my own, which is a bit worrying.

I was especially disappointed to receive a lecture last night about how I need to plan better and think more when arranging my trips. I counted to 10 and let it go but have stored that one for future pondering when I don't have to worry about ruining my holiday.

I got up early this morning to get a ride in before it got too hot. Now in the recovery position with a drinkie. Cheers!

This week I'm looking forward to more exploring by bike and going Adams Farm off of Countryfile. If he has piglets I may have to be restrained!! :)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Made it

Whoo hoo what a trip. Started off foggy and cold requiring much wiping of the little screens to see where I was going (no wipers). Then the sun came out about an hour in and stayed for the rest of the journey. It took 5 hours in total with two stops (but only one wee break which is a miracle for me!!).

After 5 hours of this....

I looked very much like this....

and when I used a face wipe it was literally black with grime, albeit very smooth underneath. Fish pedicures are SO last season. You want 70mph carbon monoxide/bugs blasted at your face you do.

I should have paid more attention to the cottage details. When it said "at the highest point on the south downs" I imagined some namby pamby softie southerners "hill". I was wrong. It's bloody hilly and I am not strong enough of thigh yet to crank the road gears but I did get out riding when I got here despite being really tired. Really wish I hadn't discovered the Italian bakery nearby though. Best. Ciabatta. EVER!

Can't wait for tomorrows' adventure. Night night. :)

Weekly weigh-in: 14weeks to go

13st 10.0lbs on the scales this morning. Kind of what I'd expected. 5lbs up on my lowest weight, but thank goodness I'm not back in the 14s. I can't wait to get going and start seeing lower numbers.

I went for a mini bike ride yesterday to sort my position out and make sure everything was Ok. There was a strange vibration coming from the wheels when I was out of the saddle and it felt squirmy on the corners. I started freaking out about there being something wrong with the frame until I realised that road bike tyres need 100psi+ not the 30psi I put in mountain bike tyres. I have a lot to learn!
For example I thought hills would be dead easy on a road bike but I forgot that there is no granny ring so I had to push a much bigger gear than I would on my mountain bike. At least it means my legs will be getting stronger over the next fortnight.

Car all packed and ready to roll. I feel quite excited and nervous now. Not entirely sure how I will reach the toll machine on the M6 either. Eek!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Phew, another hectic fortnight since the last post. The wedding last weekend was great fun and the bride looked absolutely stunning. I felt really uncomfortable in my dress but think that will always be the case, no matter what I weigh.

I have the next two weeks off work to get back on track and sort myself out. YEAH!
There are still 14 weeks left of 2011 and I'd like to have passed the 3 stone lost mark by the end of the year. So on Tuesday morning I'll post the first of 14 weekly weigh-ins. I'm really not looking forward to seeing a horrific number on the scales but I need to do it now before any more damage is done. I then have two weeks of exercise planned to kick start things.

On Tuesday I'm off to the South Downs staying in a little cottage. My plan is to explore the area by bike, getting back into the habit of exercising every day (and blogging more often). Admittedly my list of places to visit primarily consists of farm shops, vineyards and cafes but as long as I choose wisely and keep the exercise up I should be OK! Amazingly the weather forecast is fantastic. I just can't believe it, that never happens when I take time off?!

I'll be spending tomorrow figuring out how to fit everything in the car and doing a ride on my new bike to try and get used to being on skinny tyres. It feels very wierd compared to my mountain bike and I do not, in ANY way, look like a road biker. Although i dont really look like a mountain biker either....

....shot putt or wrestling come to mind.

Hopefully I'll get used to the road bike experience and it should make it easier to cover more miles. I'll be wearing the jersey from my fave blog of all time to make it absolutely clear to onlookers that I'm not taking things seriously. Go Team Fatty!

I then drive to meet Matt in the Cotswolds for another week of biking and walking. I can only fit one week of stuff in Bertie so this means packing another set of stuff for Matt to bring down. Good job I like making lists and packing eh?!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

....and relax

Finally home from work having met the deadline, just. I should feel good but I have instantly switched to worrying about how many mistakes will be found in my data! I'm hopeless. Clearly a former sports science student has no business doing a job involving numbers. But anyway it's done and I can relax until the next quarterly finance update.
And to top it off I got an email saying my new bike will be built on Monday so I should get it on Tuesday. And then when I got home I found my landlord has started building a little house for Bertie. (Okay, okay it's a garage for a car and i have to pay to rent it, but it made me clap when I saw they'd started it.) I'm not sure he would do well outdoors over winter given that it did this last year.

I'm going to a friends wedding on Saturday and it's going to be so much fun and I can't wait to see them get married. It makes me feel a bit nostalgic about my wedding day too. I have no regrets about that part, it was a wonderful day. Just sometimes wish I had found a way to make it work and tried everything before resorting to divorce.
In the photo below we are about to run a Cancer Research 10k, me in my dress! My Mum had just completed all her treatment for breast cancer at the time so I ran to celebrate that. She was there at the finish line when I came over and I spent most of the race half-crying, half-laughing. A great experience. I think I was about 5lbs lighter than I am now in that photo so not long to go until I'm back there. I still keep in touch with my ex and will be meeting up with him next week as it's his 40th birthday. Don't read anything into that, we meet up each year! He got into road biking last year so I'm looking forward to boring him stupid with questions about his flash bike.

Well I think I better get an early night. X

I'm still here

Today is a big work deadline I've spent the past months preparing for, so of course I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about all the things I have left to do. I tried writing it down but still couldn't get back to sleep so I thought I might aswell use the time to deal with some of the things on my non-work things to do list. Top of that list is getting back into blogging as I've been really quite rubbish the last few months.
On Monday morning whilst driving to work with that horrible dread knot in my stomach, I started crying when Lionel Richie's Hello came on the radio. Not normally moved to tears by rubbish ballads I realised at that point that I perhaps need a break from work! Fortunately I have two weeks booked off starting last week of September so only 8 more days of work to endure. I looked back at my holiday records yesterday and was horrified to find I haven't had more than 5 days off in a row since 2006! A week off just isn't enough, is it? It takes 3 days to wind down, followed by a few days of feeling wiped out and usually getting a cold just in time to start worrying about going back to work again.

I've booked a cottage in the Cotswolds with Matt for the second week of my hols but the first week I'll be on my own so will have plenty of time to sort my life out and get back on track. I looked at all sorts of holiday ideas like driving to France or Cornwall, going on a residential bootcamp, mountain bike holidays but seem to be incapable of making a decision and got stressed about having to organise things. Kinda defeats the point when arranging holidays feel like a job?! So I think I'm going to stay at home in the Peak District and do plenty of exercise, catch up with some old friends, go walking with my Dad etc.

I also need to take the time to plan out my exercise and eating routines again as that has all gone a bit random without the routine and structure of personal training or bootcamp. I've always been a ditherer so do much better when the decision about which exercise/food to cook has been made in advance.

I haven't gone completely off the rails but after I'd put 2lbs on following the hen do I weighed myself a few days later to find that had rocketed up to 5lbs. Some kind of stealthy weight gain, possibly delayed whilst my body focussed on saving my poisoned liver! I've managed to lose that again through sporadic runs (of the jogging kind, not squits) so am back down to where I was but that's a complete waste of another month where I've failed miserably to get into the 12s. Boring, Boring, BORING! I am so fed up of being stuck In the 13s. Talking and thinking about losing weight is not the same as bloody doing it, you STUPID COW!

Ooh that's better. I think I'll take that feistiness and go kick this work deadline in the ass.

P.s. Even though I haven't been blogging I have kept up with reading blogs and it's really motivating to see people achieving success. I will get commenting now!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Too much fun = Two pounds on

Yes not surprisingly a fortnight of fun can't go without punishment. Thank goodness I kept up the exercise otherwise it coulda been a lot worse. The hen do was a good reminder of how far I still have to go. Although i was having great fun i still felt conscious of being big and was disappointed when i saw the photos. It's nowhere near as bad as I looked and felt last summer but it still makes me feel sad.

On average I've lost 1lb per week this year. Not exactly stellar but should stay off at least. Time to shift it up a gear if I'm going to lose 7lbs and get into the 12s by the wedding do in 3 weeks time. I'm leaving dress shopping until the last minute that's for sure! If I can't find anything I'll go with my existing LBD with a bright shrug and shoes. A shrug is essential as I have a hideous t-shirt tan which no amount of fake tan will even out. I like this one but that means trying to find pink shoes in autumn.

and if I get high heels the entire look will be ruined by me needing this accessory:

Waaaaay too much fun

Well haven't I been utterly pants at blogging this month? But it's been one of the best Augusts in recent memory and I haven't even been on holiday yet. Of course now I can't remember everything that's been going on but some highlights:

Racing around Oulton Park with my Dad. I've never seen him so excited, it was lovely to see him living life to the full.

Meeting more lovely sweaty people at bootcamp including a hideous session running up the hill to the Hunting tower at the top of the pic below. I actually found running back down worse as I thundered down like an out of control hippo in tap shoes.

I got some mountain biking mojo back thanks to Ads who was a great coach and I was blown away by how amazing her riding skills are.

And last weekend she had the best Hen Do ever at a camping barn in the peak district. I can't remember the last time I laughed so much. Including a particularly embarrassing incident in the crowded toilet block when I had a giggling fit so bad I couldn't get off the toilet. Here we are on the tractor in our toilet paper wedding dresses (as you do).

and during the hen do I was introduced to the delights of cherry brandy cocktails. Hmmmmmmmm!

Sunday, 21 August 2011

I'm never drinking again....

Been a bit rubbish with blogging this week but it's not because I've gone off the rails but because I've been doing lots. Yey!

Am currently on a hen do suffering from a colossal hangover following a brilliant night which included a ride in a tractor digger bucket whilst wearing a toilet paper wedding dress. Pics and a thorough update to follow...

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Smaller weights and great mates

I was dreading getting weighed at the docs last friday as part of a routine checkup. Their analogue scale showed me up to 13 stone 12 arrggghh! I thought "how can I have put 5lbs on since i last weighed myself at home last friday?!" I said to the nurse I was a lot lighter on my scales at home and she said "well I shouldn't say this, but so am I, so I think these are broken". Well don't bloody use them then! Plus she typed 14 stone into my records. I somehow fought the urge to shout "DON'T ROUND IT UP, YOU COW!"
Anyway I weighed myself on the scales at home to put my mind at rest and several readings showed the same result of 13st 5. Yey! BMI finally under 30. No idea how I've managed to eat so much and still lose, but I don't deserve it and wouldn't be surprised if it is back on by next weigh in.

I had a great bike ride with Trudi in the sunshine on Friday followed by a cracking girls night full of laughter. Just what we all needed I reckon. Here I am trying on Trudis wig. I look a teensy bit tipsy!

I was dreading going to work today and got stuck there late so had to race to get to bootcamp in time. I was SO not in the mood but ended up having a great laugh with the other bootcampers and met some new people. Becci the instructor came up with an evil hill session:
Run up hill, do 20 deep squats, run back down
Run up hill do 20 squat thrusts, back down
Run up hill do 20 lunge jumps, back down
Repeat whole circuit twice more.
Be a bit sick (that wasn't mandatory!).
We then did another circuit but with press ups, leg raises and planks.
I anticipate having to use the disabled facilities at work tomorrow as I'll need the handles to get on and off the toilet!

There's lots to look forward to in the next few weeks so time to set some mini goals:
End August:
I'd like to lose another 3lbs this month as that would get me to 2.5 stone lost. And what do goals make?......PRIZES! I haven't worn a watch for years so have ordered one that looks comfy and should withstand sweat and sheep poo from bootcamp. Although it won't stay clean and white for long.

I'm going to a good friends wedding do so it's a chance to get dressed up. I would be over the moon if I could be in the 12s by then and able to get a new dress. Maybe something girlie and bright for a change, eek! I will have to ask my sis to help me shop for it. I'm going to the do on my own as I want to be able to enjoy seeing my friend on her happiest day without having to worry about anyone else not enjoying themselves.
"All the women,
throw yo hands up in the aiyer!" ;)

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

No bloggy mojo

I've started a blog post several times since the last one but can't seem to string a thought together. Ooh, there's one now! maybe this draft will actually get posted.

Work has been horrible as has relationship stuff and I really can't be arsed with either. I am completely incapable of making decisions right now and its doing my head in. I know i need to change/do something but can't figure out whats for the best and it's such a jumble in my head.
I think going away on holiday on my own might be an idea but after a google sesh in the wee hours of the morning, ranging from bootcamp weeks to alpine mountain biking to surfing lessons, I came away confused and tired.

On a brighter note I started a new bootcamp three times a week and it's kicking my ass. It involves a lot of running interspersed with combinations of stair sprints, squats, press-ups, boxing etc outdoors. I was a bit nervous turning up for my first session but the regulars were really welcoming. Now all I need to do is stop working late so I can get there in time.

I've also not hidden away from social stuff, which I have a history of doing when things get stressful. The '80s concert with my sis was brilliant! I totally loved Peter Cox from Go West, a drunk Rick Astley who kept shouting "come on you buggers!" and dancing with everyone in the queue for the portaloos.

I bought some weighing scales too eek! After 4 days of staring them out across the room I finally plucked up the courage to step on and was relieved to find I'd stayed the same in the last four weeks despite pigging out. However that's yet another four weeks I've wasted not losing. Fortunately I haven't got the energy to beat myself up about it so will just try to focus on doing better over the next few weeks.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Going solo...

It's been a week of change since my last post.  I'm going through some relationship stuff that I won't go into on here.  Not really sure what to do about it and I really don't want it to derail my weight loss/fitness.
I've stopped my personal training sessions too for a few reasons.  Partly because I want to spend more time over in Cheshire with my family and it's difficult to do that with regular early morning appointments.  But also I think 6 months and halfway to goal is a good point to go it alone and prove that I can do it myself.  Jon has given me the knowledge and confidence to do that. 

At the moment I'm trying to figure out my exercise schedule because without PT and bootcamp the world is my oyster.  I don't want to make things too complicated but I also want to do a variety of exercise and have fun with it.  I've found a couple of bootcamp options plus there's various sports clubs at work that would be fun.  I also want to go biking with my pals and hit the gym too so will workout a schedule this weekend.  In the meantime I've done a couple of long walks and a run this week to keep it going.  Eating hasn't been particular good but not a total disaster.

Now that I won't be getting weighed at PT I'll have to get some scales again. Let's see how much of a mentalist I get about it this time eh?!!  At the gym they only have a whizzy body composition machine thing and you have to book an appointment to use it so that's not an option for regular weighing.  I just realised I haven't weighed-in since 30th June which is ages.  My feeling is that I'll have gained in the last few weeks because of having a week off work, not being able to exercise much for a week because of injury and generally not eating well.  But weirdly I tried a few pairs of trousers on this morning that felt looser than 2 weeks ago so it's anyone's guess what the scales will show next time.

A fun weekend lies ahead starting with a test drive at the Buxton Fringe Festival.  I get to thrash a smart car up to Goyt Valley where they do a photo shoot before sending you barrelling back down the hill.   I hope it makes me giggle as much as I remember from my previous two smart cars as I need a cheap replacement for my current 'sensible' car which is costing me a fortune to run.

Then in the evening my lovely sister and I are going to an '80s outdoor concert with the likes of Rick Astley, Tony Hadley, Go West etc. performing.  I'll try and control myself with the picnic but there will be cheese and there will be wine.  And probably quite a lot of singing and dancing.  Yey!

Thursday, 14 July 2011

A good week

It's been hard being back at work this week, getting back into healthy eating and not drinking every day. But I've done it and feel soooo much better.
I even managed to stick to the left side of this gorgeous spread a work colleague placed right near my desk. I was so impressed that she was thoughtful enough to bring in some healthy options aswell as the usual cakes. I had a sliver of carrot cake but that's part of my 5-a-day, right (5 cakes a day)?

On Wednesday I met up with my mate Ads for a long overdue catch up and a little walk around Ladybower. It was lovely to have a girlie chat and tea at the pub. I am so excited to see her get married in September and for once I'm not even dreading having to shop for a dress.

Can't complain about Thursdays sunshine fest though. I had to stop to take a pic on the way home as there was a magical moment when bunny rabbits were silhouetted in the road like a scene from Watership Down. Of course the little gits moved just before I pressed the button. They're hiding in the verge giggling I'm sure.

Today involved PT and 8 miles of jog/walk. After last week of feeling run down, in pain and generally miserable it was good to be back surfing the endorphin wave.